Women's Studies Program

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Women's Studies Program

"The Women's Studies Program, at the College of William and Mary, was established in the Fall of 1990 as an undergraduate, interdisciplinary academic unit within the School of the Arts and Sciences. The purpose of the program is to acquaint students with current scholarship on women and gender, to introduce them to feminist theory and research, and to provide opportunities and support for students to engage in feminist activism. Students are also encouraged to undertake their own feminist research projects." [1]

In 1990, Women's Studies was offered as a minor under the Interdisciplinary Study program. Students could establish Women's Studies as their concentration while taking other complementary courses. The 1991-92 academic year saw the Women's Studies minor develop into a program, with the establishment of core courses. In the 1992-93 undergraduate catalog, the core courses are listed as "Perspectives on Women and Culture," "Feminist Writings and Women's Movements," and "Feminist Theory." Today, students can major or minor in the program.

The current director of Women's Studies is Christy Burns. Her specialties include film, literature and Irish Studies. The past directors of the program include Leisa Meyer, Suzanne Raitt, Debbie Green, and Nancy Gray. [2]


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