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Educated at William and Mary, Anglican clergyman William Yates became the fifth president of the College of William and Mary in Fall 1760. Yates was a membr of the Governor’s Council as well as rector of Abingdon, Gloucester, and Bruton Parishes. He ascended to the presidency as the Board of Visitors attempted to wield greater influence over the College. President Yates largely complied with the wishes of the Visitors, and the College expanded the faculty during this time. With Yate’s death in 1764, the College of William and Mary had seen three presidents over a single decade.

No known portrait of Yates exists.

Material in SCRC

  • Photograph of the plaque at the William Yates Room, P1977.233, University Archives Photograph Collection, Special Collections Research Center, Earl Gregg Swem Library, College of William and Mary.

Preceded by College of William and Mary President Succeeded by
Thomas Dawson

1 November 1755 - 29 November 1760

William Yates

Fall 1760 - December 1764

James Horrocks

Late 1764/Early 1765 - 21 June 1771

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