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Chancellors Hall, formerly named Rogers Hall and now known as Tyler Hall, is located on Blair Road between James Blair Hall and Tucker Hall. Charles M. Robinson served as the architect for the building and Harwood Construction Co. from Newport News did the actual construction.

1923--application made to General Education Board for donation of $150,000 to begin campaign for raising $300,000 for a memorial science hall to William Barton Rogers, $200,000 for building and $100,000 for equipment (BofV June 1923, p. 64) 1924--General Education Board agrees to contribute $100,000, contingent upon College raising $200,000 (BofV, June 1924, p. 86) 1926--Plans submitted for approval of building committee (BofV, Feb. 1926, p. 122) • plans approved (BofV, March 1926, p. 125) • contract awarded; $202,000 Harwood Construction Co. (BofV, June 1926, p.139) • cornerstone laid August 28 by Williamsburg Lodge of Masons (FH, 9/24/1926, 5) 1927--constructed; Housed Chemistry, Physics, Psychology Departments (1928--29 Handbook, p. 17) • open in Fall. Ground floor physics department, 2nd and 3rd floors chemistry. Lecture rooms, reading rooms, private laboratories for research work (WM Catalog, April 1928, p. 34) 1930--fire burned the roof, dormer story and third floor causing $70,142 worth of damage (March 15, 1930) • temporary roofing on west end until June so classes could be held, construction on permanent roof on east side begun. $72,000 insurance claim (FH, 3/28/1930, 5)

1930 ff.—housed the chemistry and physics departments (1930/31 Handbook, p. 21) 1972--fire in basement, $30,000 damages, June 25, 1972 (FH, 9/17/1972, 1) 1975--to be used by Development Office, Metropolitan Criminal Justice Center, National Center for State Courts, Anthropology Department, Adult Skills Program, Publication Office (WMN, 9/23/1975, 5) 1980--renovation for School of Business Administration begun (WMN, 8/26/1980, 7) over summer. • Interior walls torn down on lower floors (WMN, 9/9/1980, 3) • renovation just begun (FH, 8/29/1980, 2) 1982--Renamed Chancellors Hall and dedicated as the business school on President's Day February 5, 1982. (WMN, 2/2/1952, 1; WMN, 2/9/1982, 1, 5) 1985--renovation in basement for Professional Resources Facility, research library and office space, in former MBA lounge space (FH, 1/25/1985, 4) 1988--rededicated as Tyler Hall, June 24, 1988