Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award

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The Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award is awarded at the College of William and Mary's Charter Day.

Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award Recipients


1970 Thomas Hearn

1971 Bruce K. Goodwin

1972 John W. Conlee

1973 Hans C. von Baeyer

1974 Elsa S. Diduk

1975 Gerald H. Johnson

1976 Alan E. Fuchs

1977 James J. Thompson, Jr.

1978 Trudier Harris

1979 Allen R. Sanderson

1980 Terry L. Meyers

1981 Craig N. Canning

1982 Jean Conover Wyer

1983 Morris A. McCain, Jr.

1984 Mark S. Conradi

1985 Joel D. Schwartz

1986 Joanne M. Braxton

1987 Helen Campbell Walker

1988 Talbot S. Taylor

1989 Virginia Kerns. ‘70

1990 R. Heather MacDonald

1991 David A. Dessler

1992 Susan V. Donaldson

1993 John S. Strong

1994 Tomoko Hamada

1995 John E. Graves

1996 Teresa Longo

1997 Barbara J. King

1998 Colleen Kennedy

1999 Karen Locke


2000 Carol Sheriff

2001 Linda C. Schaffner

2002 Christopher M. Bailey

2003 Carey K. Bagdassarian

2004 Kris E. Lane

2005 Thomas J. Linneman

2006 Elizabeth A. Canuel

2007 Vladimir Bolotnikov

2008 Alexander Prokhorov, Modern Languages and Literature

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