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The earliest known reference to the College of William and Mary's sundial reveals that it was displayed on a wooden pedestal in front of the President's House on April 15, 1815. Information on the dial indicates it was made at a much earlier date. It was removed during the Civil War by Union Chaplain William H. Gilder for protection and returned in 1889. It was later removed to the rear of the Wren Building and placed on a sandstone pedestal, a gift of ''The Flat Hat'' staff in 1912 to commemorate the first year of its publication.

At the request of President Davis Y. Paschall in 1971, Professor George W. Crawford supervised a relocation of the sundial to the academic mall on the new campus and designed an authentic gnomon to replace the one that had been stolen soon after 1953. President Paschall directed that the original sundial be ultimately located in the Swem Library and a replica obtained for the mall location. In 1976, President Thomas A. Graves, Jr. concurred and directed that the original be displayed in the Zollinger Museum on a walnut pedestal made and donated by Professor Crawford.


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