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Small Hall is loacted at the intersection of the formerly named Botetourt Drive and New Campus Drive. However, since 2007 these two streets have merged into one Ukrop Way. The College of William and Mary broke ground for the building in August 1962. The building is named for William Small, a professor of Natural Phiolosophy. It was completed in December 1963 and has been in use since February 1964. It housed an IBM 360 computer circa 1969.

A twelve-foot observatory dome on the roof of the building housed a ten-inch reflecting telescope in 1975. The observatory was named the Thomas Harriot Observatory after the first astronomer in Virginia who accompanied Raleigh's expedition from 1585 to 1586. A 6,800 square-foot, two-story addition was added to Small Hall between March and November 1985, containing ten faculty offices and a two-story library.


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