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17th-18th century

Rev. James Blair, Febuary 1693 - his death on April 18th, 1743

Rev. William Dawson, July 18th, 1743 - his death on July 1752

William Stith, August 13th, 1752 - his death on September 10, 1755

Rev. Thomas Dawson, November 1st, 1755 - his death on November 29th, 1760

William Yates, Fall, 1760 - his death in December 1764

James Horrocks, late 1764/early 1765 - leaving for England on June 21st, 1771. There is some uncertainty surrounding Horrocks' starting date as President because of the unknown date of Yates' death. Horrocks died on March 20th, 1772.

John Camm, June 21st, 1771 - Spring 1777. Camm was the interm president from June 21st, 1771 to March 20th, 1772, while Horrocks was away and ill in England. He became the official president on July 30th, 1772. Camm was also removed from his position in Spring 1777, because of his loyalist sympathies.

Rev. James Madison, Fall 1777 - March 6th, 1812. Though Madison was the president during the remainder of the American Revolution, the college was closed from June 1st, 1781 to October 1782, due to the conflict.

19th Century

Rev. John Bracken, Spring 1812 - resignation on October 1st, 1814

John Augustine Smith, October 1814 - resignation in June 1826

William H. Wilmer, June 1826 - early 1827. Wilmer served as the interm president from June 1826 to October 16th, 1826, when he was formally elected President. He served until his death in early 1827.

Rev. Adam Empie, early 1827 - resignation in summer 1836

Thomas Roderick Dew, October 1st, 1836 - death in Paris on August 5th, 1846

Robert Saunders, June 17th, 1847 - July 1848. Saunders announced his resignation in 1848 on November 9th, 1847.

Rev. John Johns, July 1st, 1849 - resignation in 1854

Benjamin S. Ewell, 1854 - closure of the college on May 10th, 1861 due to the Civil War. Ewell managed to reopen the college on October 1st, 1869 with mostly his own funds, and stayed the president until William and Mary's closure due to lack of attendence in July 1881. In 1888, the college was reopened with state funds, and Ewell was still the president until his resignation on May 11th, 1888 in order for a younger president to take the helm.

Lyon G. Tyler, August 23rd, 1888 - resignation on February 11th, 1919. Tyler formally left the office on June 30th, 1919.

20th Century

Julian A.C. Chandler, Elected to the office on March 14th, 1919, and officially became President on July 1st, 1919. Chandler served until his death on May 31, 1934.

John Stewart Bryan, July 1st, 1934 - resignation on April 11th, 1942. Bryan officially left the office on January 1st, 1943.

John Edwin Pomfret, Elected on August 17th, 1942 and formally became president on Jaunary 1st, 1943. Pomfret resigned September 13th, 1951

Alvin Duke Chandler, October 9th, 1951 - May 1960, when Chandler became Chancellor of the College of William and Mary system. Chandler stayed on as Chancellor, then Honorary Chancellor of the system until 1974.

Davis Young Paschall, August 16th, 1960 - announcing retirement in November 1970. Paschall's retirement was effective August 1971.

Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr., September 1st, 1971 - January 1985. Graves announced his resignation in November 1983, with an original effective date of July 1985. In November 1984, he changed that date to January 1985, because of accepting the directorship of the DuPont Winterthur Museum in Delaware.

Paul R. Verkuil, July 1st, 1985 - early 1992. Verkuil announced his resignation on September 25th, 1991.

Timothy J. Sullivan, July 1st, 1992-June 30, 2005

21st Century

Gene Ray Nichol, Jr. July 1st, 2005-resignation on February 12, 2008. Nichol resigned immediately due to the Board of Visitors deciding not to renew his contract in July.

Interim Presidents

John Camm, June 21, 1771 - Spring 1777. Camm was the interm president from June 21, 1771 to March 20, 1772, while Horrocks was away and ill in England. He became the official president on July 30, 1772. Camm was also removed from his position in Spring 1777, because of his loyalist sympathies.

Benjamin S. Ewell, July 1848 - resignation on October 5th, 1848. Ewell served as the interm president after Saunders and before Johns. While the Board of Visitors elected Ewell to the Presidency earlier in 1848, Ewell declined their offer, but agreed to stay on until the Board found another canidate. When the board failed to do that in a timely manner, Ewell resigned, forcing them to find another President.

Dean Kremer J. Hoke, Summer 1933 - Fall 1933; January 1934-June 30, 1934. Hoke assumed the duties of the president when Chandler's health was in decline beginning in the summer of 1933 until he was well enough to resume his position as President. Hoke then reassumed the duties of President in early 1934, once again due to Chandler's declining health. After Chandler's death on May 31st, 1934, Hoke became the interm president until June 30th, 1934.

James W. Miller, September 18, 1951-October 11, 1951. Miller was a Chancellor Professor who served as acting president in the interim between President Pomfret's resignation to take over the Huntington Library and the appointment by the Board of Visitors of Alvin Duke Chandler as College President.

George R. Healy, January 9, 1985-June 30, 1985. Healy was provost at the College of William and Mary. He assumed the role of acting president after President Graves resigned to assume leadership of Winterthur and before President Verkuil assumed the presidency.

Melvyn D. Schiavelli, January 7, 1992-June 30, 1992. Schiavelli was provost at the College of William and Mary. He assumed the duties of the president after President Verkuil resigned to become CEO of AAA and before President Sullivan assumed the presidency.

W. Taylor Reveley, February 12, 2008-present. Dean of the Marshall Wythe School of Law, Reveley was appointed by the Board of Visitors to assume the duties of the president after President Nichol resigned on February 12th, 2008.

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