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This is a transcription of the card catalog of inactive faculty of the College of William and Mary maintained in the University Archives through the early 2000s. Additional information about individual faculty members can be found in a variety of sources in the Special Collections Research Center. Those interested in material published by members of the faculty should consult Swem Library's online catalog and journal databases as well as the SCRC's collections.

Unless otherwise indicated, any degrees listed for an individual faculty member were received from the College of William and Mary.



Abbott, William W., 1953-1966, Assistant Professor of History, 1953-1957; Associate Professor of History, 1957-1961; Professor of History, 1963-1966; on leave of absence, 1958-1959 term

Abbott, John C., Assistant Professor of Education, 1971-1974

Abdel-Kariem, Mohammed F., Professor of Marine Science, 1989-2001

Abdelnour, Diane L., 1990-1995, B.S. 1968, J.D. 1971; Lecturer in Law, 1990-1991, 1991-1995

Abdo, Diane, 1989-1990, M.Ed. 1980; Part-time Clinical Psychologist, 1989-1990

Abdul-Magid, Khamis, 1962-1967, Assistant Professor of Economics, 1962-1964; Associate Professor of Economics, 1964-1967

Abramowitz, Alan T., 1976-1984, Assistant Professor of Government, 1976-1982; Associate Professor of Government, 1982-1984; On leave, 1982-1983 term, 1983-1984 term

Abramson, Edward A., Visiting Professor of English, 1986-1987

Aceto, Henry, Jr., 1970-1996, Associate Professor of Biology, 1970-1976; Professor of Biology, 1976-1996; Assistant Director of Space Radiation Effects Laboratory, 1970-1972; Director of Virginia Associated Research Campus, 1972-1979; Acting Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Marine Science, 1989-1993;Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Marine Science, 1993-1996; Professor of Biology, Emeritus, 1996- ; On leave of absence, 1989 (spring semester)

Ackerman, Diane, Writer-in-Residence, 1982-1983

Ackerman, Lennis C. "Bud", 1978-1981, Instructor in Business Administration, 1978-1979; Assistant Dean, School of Business Administration, 1978-1979; Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1979-1981; Associate Dean, School of Business Administration, 1979-1981

Acomb, Evelyn M., Acting Professor of History, 1943-1946

Acree, Maxie, Supervisor of Teacher-Training, Elementary School, 1940-1960

Adair, Douglass G., 1943-1955, Assistant Professor of History, 1943-1947; Associate Professor of History, 1947-1955; On leave 1953-1954 term

Adair, Fred L., 1971-1992, Associate Professor of Education, 1971-1980; Professor of Education, 1980-1992; Professor of Education, Emeritus, 1992-

Adams, Carole J., Acting Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1981-1982

Adams, Charles Joseph, Walter G. Mason Visiting Professof of Religion, 1985-1986

Adams, David B. J., 1983-1984, A.B.; Visiting Assistant Professor of Government, 1983-1984

Adams, Raymond A., Jr., 1970-1975, Assistant Treasurer-Auditor, 1970-1974; Controller, 1974-1975

Adelstein, Michael, Instructor in English, 1947-1949

Aebersold, Dennis, Associate Provost for Information Technology, 1997-2000

Agee, Joseph Schroth, 1956-1992, B.S. 1952; M.Ed. 1956; Lecturer in Physical Education for Men, 1956-1964; Instructor in Physical Education for Men, 1964-1965; Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men, 1965-1969; Associate Professor of Physical Education for Men, 1969-1982; Professor of Physical Education for Men, 1982-1984; Professor of Physical Education, 1984-1992; Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus, 1992-

Aguirre, Michele, Part-time Assistant Volleyball Coach, 1985-1987

Aken, Robert Allen, Coordinator of References Services, 1988

Akers, William Gerald, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (Norfolk Division) 1931-1934

Alam, Pervaiz, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1983-1985

Albert, Alan F., 1971-1991, A.B. 1969; M.Ed. 1971; Instructor in Physical Education for Men 1971-1974; Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men, 1974-1984; Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1984-1991

Albert, Susan J., 1974-1979, M.Ed. 1970; Associate Dean for Student Development 1974-1979 [See Deery, Susan J. (Albert)]

Alberts, Adrienne C., Assistant Director, Career Services, 1997-1999

Albet, Marguerite, Visiting Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, 1982

Aldrich, Rachel Durham, Cataloging Librarian, 1958-1968

Alewynse, Fay T., 1964-1969, Lecturer in Women's Physical Education, 1964-1968; Instructor in Physical Education for Women 1968-1969

Alewynse, John, J., Jr., 1964-1967, Instructor in Modern Languages, 1964-1966; Assistant Professor of Education, 1966-1967