Parking Garage

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The Parking Garage completed in 2006 created 500 new parking spaces on campus.

  • Cost: $ 13,664,000
  • Fund Source - 9C/9D Debt
  • New GSF: 8,469
  • Start Date: February 7, 2005
  • Finish Date: June 2006
  • Design Team: Glave and Holmes Architects
  • Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
  • Progress: Construction was completed in June 2006.

Building Committee: Steve Wasilefsky , Project Manager Anna Martin, Vice President, Administration W. Samuel Sadler, Vice President, Student Affairs Martha Sheets, Senior Planner Edward Driscoll, Director, Athletic Department Barbara Blosser, Associate Director, Athletic Department Charles Maimone, Director, Auxiliary Services Wade Henley , Associate Director, Auxiliary Services Vacant, Manager, Traffic & Parking Bob Dillman , Associate Vice President, Facilities Management Dave Shepard, Deputy Director, Facilities Management Wayne Boy, Associate Director, Facilities Planning, Design & Construction Don Challis, Director, Campus Police John Coleman, Campus Police Crime Prevention William Hausman, Chancellor Professor of Economics Stuart Williams, Associate Dean, School of Business Administration Robert Kohl, Chair, Kinesiology Ken Kambis, Associate Professor, Kinesiology Larry Richards, Associate Director, Fire, Health and Safety Bob Johnson, Fire Safety Officer John McFarlane, Associate Director, Gardens and Grounds Don Hensley, Information Technology Oot Singhaseni, Electrical Engineer David Rudloff, Mechanical Engineer[1]