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*Pennant in the papers of Martha Virginia Sleet (UA 5.037)
*Pennant in the papers of Martha Virginia Sleet (UA 5.037), reads: "William & Mary" no logo
== 1916-1977: Indians ==
== 1916-1977: Indians ==

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?-1916: Orange and White or Orange and Black


  • Pennant in the papers of Martha Virginia Sleet (UA 5.037), reads: "William & Mary" no logo

1916-1977: Indians

The nickname of Indians was first referenced in the 1916 Colonial Echo referring to the baseball team of 1916 (reference and photograph, p. 156).

Other unofficial nicknames during this time period included: Big Green Tribe, Big Green, Warriors, Fighting Virginians, and Braves.

A caricature similar to that of the Cleveland Indians was used from the mid- to late-1960s through approximately the mid-1970s. This image was certainly not used after 1978 (see image B2532).

A WM with feathers logo was used from 1974 through the present. Variations on this likely included a WM with an Indian wearing a headdress.


  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Indian Mascot Doll, circa 1940-1949, in a green jumpsuit, with a W and M on his chest, 15" tall. Acc. 2007.009. An image is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrc/545132892/.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Two identical rectangular buckles measuring 3" by 1.75". The words "William & Mary" and "Fighting Virginians" appear in raised block print around a figure of an Indian in a headdress. The back is labeled "H.B.F. CW." There is also a $5.00 price sticker. Acc. 1994.013.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, A checkbook cover made of green vinyl with "William and Mary" and two cartoon Indians printed in yellow. Acc. 1998.060.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Footballs, circa 1975, Two white plastic footballs, about 6" long, decorated with gold stripes, a Native American Indian, and the words "William and Mary, complements [of] Williamsburg National Bank." Acc. 1991.022.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Baseball Uniform, circa 1933, Grey wool uniform, shirt and pants, with blue stripes and black trim, "Indians" is spelled out across the front with number 9 on the back; uniform formerly belonged to Carter White, class of 1933. Acc. 1990.046. An image is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrc/1519267667/.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Baseball Cap, 1977, One baseball cap used by WM baseball team spring 1977; has green bill; crown is partly green mesh and partly yellow fabric; has patch with WM Indian logo. Cap was worn by Jamal Owens, class of 1979. Acc. 1990.059.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Two laundry bags, white with four Indians on front in aqua. Penned in black marker are the words "Harry Krauss 219 Yates" and "K-172" stamped on the other. Acc. 2004.012.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, William and Mary Logo Stickers and Decals, circa 1920s-1992

Miscellaneous designs, logos, and mottos made for various occasions; some with indian heads, indian mascot, boy-girl indians, coat of arms, seal of the college, society of the alumni, etc. Acc. 1987.081 addition.

  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Hardee's Plastic Cup, 1980s, 1 green and white plastic cup with words "WM Tribe" and Indian feathers. Acc. 1994.063.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Plastic Cup, circa 1976, One yellow cup, 5" tall, decorated at the top with WM feather logo and the words "Go Indians", and carrying advertisement for Ted Filer's Ford Dealership. Acc. 1991.023.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Green Plastic Basketball, circa 1975, One green basketball, about 4" in diameter, decorated with the head of an Indian and carrying an advertisement for Ward Pontiac Dealership. Acc. 1991.021.
  • University Archives Artifact Collection, Football Schedule Plaque, 1940, A metal plaque, 125.5" x 5", listing home and away games, Indian head logo is pictured. Acc. 1984.080.

1978-present: The Tribe

In 1978, the Indian images were removed from the athletic logo. The term Indian and Tribe were both used, but Indian was phased out by the early 1980s and Tribe has been in use through the present.

A WM with feathers logo was used from 1974 until the feathers were ordered removed by the NCAA in 2006 despite an appeal by the College.[1] The WM with 2 feathers first appeared in a 1974 Football Yearbook, then on the helmets of the 1977 football team (see 1978 Colonial Echo, p. 174).

For further details see the 2/28/1978 Departmental Communication from the Dean of Students W. Samuel Sadler to Dr. Thomas A. Graves, Jr. regarding the change in nickname and logo.


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  • "Athletics--Indian Symbolism," University Archives Subject File Collection, SCRC.