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Melvyn D.Schiavelli

Melvyn D. Schiavelli was Provost of the College of William and Mary from 1986 - 1994. He was Assistant Professor of Chemistry from 1968-1971, Associate Professor of Chemistry from 1971-1980, and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences from 1984-1986. He was on leave in the second semester of the 1972-1973 school year, and a full year of leave from 1976-1977. He received the Thomas Jefferson Award in 1993.

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In the News

  • "Member of Organic Reaction Mechanisms Conference Planning Committee" William and Mary News, 11/12/74, 2.
  • "Received Grant" William and Mary News, 1/7/75, 5.
  • "Paper Published" William and Mary News, 4/13/76, 4.
  • "Granted Leave of Absence" William and Mary News, 5/25/76, 3.
  • "To direct arrangements for NSF funded conference" William and Mary News, 6/14/76, 3.
  • "To be visiting processor at University of Aberdeen" William and Mary News, 6/14/76, 5.
  • "Participated in seminars at a number of foreign universities; published three articles" William and Mary News, 10/18/77, 4.
  • "Grant given for research" William and Mary News, 5/12/81, 2.
  • Alumni Gazette 47.2:22 (picture).
  • "Will chair Long-Range Planning Commission" William and Mary News, 1/17/1984, 1 (picture).
  • "Is Made New Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences" William and Mary News, 2/28/1984, 1, 5 (picture).
  • "Assumes faculty dean position" The Flat Hat, 3/16/1984, 5 (picture).
  • "Named Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences" The Flat Hat, 3/23/1984, 5 (picture).
  • "Science: the best kept secret at William and Mary" Alumni Gazette, April, 1984, 12, 13 (picture).
  • "Named Arts and Sciences Dean" Alumni Gazette, April, 1984, 17 (picture).
  • "Two new College deans enthusiastic in jobs" William and Mary News, 8/28/1984, 4, 4 (picture).
  • "New dean team heads Arts and Sciences" Alumni Gazette, October 1984, 1, 6 (picture).
  • "Will make opening remarks at symposium devoted to 'The Crisis of Transition in Africa'" William and Mary News. 10/2/1985, 1, 2.
  • "Working for faculty pay raises" The Flat Hat, 3/14/1986, 4 (picture).
  • "Presents Don Messmer with his leadership gift to the 1985-86 Faculty-Staff Campaign" William and Mary News, 4/9/1986 (picture).
  • "Named new provost of College" William and Mary News, 4/30/1986, 1, 6 (picture).
  • "Named new College provost" Alumni Gazette, May 1986, 1 (picture).
  • "Visits Harvard" William and Mary News, 4/1/1987, 2.
  • "Officials outline budget plans" the Flat Hat, 9/28/1990, 2 (pictures).
  • "College makes budget reductions", Alumni Gazette, October 1990, 2 (picture).
  • "Gazette recommends Schiavelli for president," The Flat Hat, 11/15/1991, 1 (picture).
  • "College honors service to school," The Flat Hat, 2/19/1993, 6.
  • "Ohio Wesleyan University search narrows," The Flat Hat, 2/18/1994, 5.
  • "Captain Carbon to the rescue," The Flat Hat, 2/18/1994, 9 (picture).
  • "School passes on Schiavelli," The Flat Hat, 2/25/1994, 4 (picture).
  • "Delaware offers former Provost post," The Flat Hat, 4/1/1994, 1, 3.
  • "New Provost at University of Delaware" William and Mary News, 4/6/1994, 2 (picture).
  • "A farewell to Schiavelli" William and Mary News, 5/19/1994, 2 (picture).
  • "Former provost accepts post at Delaware" Alumni Gazette, May 1994, 18 (picture).
Preceded by College of William and Mary Provost Succeeded by
George R. Healy

1979 - 1986

Melvyn D.Schiavelli

1986 - 1994

Gillian T.Cell

1993 - 2003

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