Matthew Whaley School

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Matthew Whaley School

Location: On site of the Old Governor's Palace.

1868--two lots constituting the Palace lots containing some six acres purchased (BofV, 1868, p. 76, 79, 80, 81; Wm. S. Peachy to Tazewell Taylor, Sept. 22, 1868 in College Papers, folder 19)


1871--Report of the Faculty to the Board of Visitors and Governors, July 3, 1871— "Since your last meeting, July 1870, a commodious brick building, 62' x 43' for the Grammar and Matty School has been erected on the foundation of the Colonial Palace,...(BofV, 1871, p. 102)

1892--suit instituted" by School Board of City of Williamsburg against W&M for possession of the Matty fund, invested in school and Sanders house and lot of 10 acres (BofV, 1892, p. 323, 350, 358-359, 365, 370, 372-373- 378-379, 385, 390-392, 403, 405, 415, 462-463; lots to be sold, 470-471)

1895--Lyon G.Tyler-History of Matthew Whaley Model & Practice School (BofV, c.1895, p. 385)

1919--property and building turned over to School Board of Williamsburg (BofV, 1919, p. 408)

1928--Matthew Whaley School Property conveyed to WAR Goodwin for $50,000 (BofV, Nov. 1928, p. 196) ..constructed by Colonel Ewell out of bricks from the old Palace, four class rooms (JAC Chandler to WAR Goodwin, Aug. 8, 1928, 1982.45)


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