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"The Mathematics Department dates back to the original Charter from King William and Queen Mary on February 6, 1693. Mathematics was represented by one of the six Masters or Professors, and when the full faculty was assembled in 1729, the original masterships were in Divinity, Philosophy, Oriental Languages, Mathematics, the Grammar School and the Indian School."[1]

The first appointed professor of mathematics was Tanaquil Le Fevere in 1711. His official title was "Professor of Philosophy and Mathematics." Le Fevere did stay long at William and Mary due to some immoral proprieties. In 1717, Rev. Hugh Jones became the second professor of philosophy and mathematics. (Stetson)

Mathematics welcomed its first female professor in 1925. Professor Beulah Russell began her tenure at William and Mary as an Assistant Professor. She taught at the College for fifteen years. While Professor Russell was the first female professor, the College employed two female instructors in mathematics, Elizabeth Berger (1922-25) and Elizabeth Mercer (1925-26). (Stetson)


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