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Wampo the horse's name came from the initials William And Mary POny. Wampo appears in the late 1930s through 1942. In October 1946, a new pony was proposed to become Wampo [1]. Wampo was the mascot as recent as 19XX.

Examples: see the papers of Emily Harrell Lynch for a photograph of a man riding Wampo and at least two students nearby in Indian-style costumes(B2538).

Indian Warrior and Indian Maiden

Often as part of the cheerleading group for athletics and parades, a man and woman wore Indian costumes.

Examples: 1957 Homecoming parade (P1979.1144, B2540); 1987 Colonial Echo, p. 137; 1988 Colonial Echo, p. 168; the 1993 Colonial Echo reprinted a photograph of the 1963 cheerleaders in Indian-style costumes(B2534).

Col. Ebirt (unofficial)

Col. Ebirt derived his name from Tribe spelled backwards. Col. Ebirt was a green costumed character appearing at football games from about 2001 through 2005. (The Flat Hat, 5 October 2001; "Eulogy for Ebirt: Lessons from one of the Tribe's great fans," W&M News, 7 October 2005)