Marshall-Wythe School of Law

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The Marshall-Wythe School of Law is located east of campus beside the National Center for State Courts on South Henry Street. It was located in the Old Gymnasium from 1922 to 1931, in James Blair Hall from 1935 to 1968, and in St. George Tucker Hall from 1968 to 1980.

In 1975 Wright, Jones, and Wilkerson designed the new law school. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Law School was held on September 11, 1976, but construction was delayed until March 1978 due to lack of funding. The Law School moved in during the summer of 1980, vacating the spaces in Tucker Hall, the basement of Chancellors Hall, rooms in Dawson Hall, Camm Hall, and Bryan Hall of the Bryan Complex, and the third floor of James Blair Hall. The dedication ceremony for the building was held on Burgesses Day on September 13, 1980.

The Law School has 87,954 square feet of space, and nearly half of the is devoted to the library. Also within the Law School are a moot courtroom, two lecture rooms seating 154 people each, two more lecture rooms seating 85 people each, and smaller seminar rooms for approximately 30 students each.

A history of School of Law is available at its website.


Note that early professors were the sole faculty member offering instruction in law to students.

1779-1790 George Wythe

1790-1804 St. George Tucker

1804-1813 William Nelson

1813-1818 Robert Nelson

1818-1834 James Semple

1834-1851 Nathaniel Beverly Tucker

1851-1855 George Parker Scarburgh

1855-1858 Lucian Minor

1858-1861 Charles Morris

1861-1921 Law School closed

1922-1923 Oscar Lane Shewmake

1923-1946 Theodore Sullivan Cox

1947-1963 Dudley W. Woodbridge

1964-1969 Joseph Curtis

1970-1976 James P. Whyte, Jr.

1976-1985 William Spong

1985-1993 Timothy Sullivan

1994-1997 Thomas G. Krattenmaker

1997-present W. Taylor Reveley, III


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