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Getting started

About the College of William and Mary from the University Archives' Collections

Board of Visitors

Campus Buildings and Landmarks

Campus Traditions

College Regalia

Charter Day

Chronology of the College

A chronology of the College based on the Vital Facts booklet first produced by librarian Earl Gregg Swem in 1921 is available from the College's website. The most recent paper edition was published in 2004 and the online version continues to be updated by the College.

Commencement Speakers

The College's commencement speakers have included politicians, heads of state, artists, entertainers, Nobel Laureates, and others.

Departmental Histories

Honorary Degree Recipients

Honorary degrees are typically awarded by the College at Charter Day and Commencement as well as other special campus events. There are usually multiple honorary degree recipients at each event with one recipient presenting a speech.

Notable Alumni/ae

Notable Faculty and Staff


Student Life


Fraternities and Sororities

Literary Societies