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In the 18th century, the College of William and Mary served as the Surveyor-General of the Colony of Virginia and its faculty were given the right to examine and license surveyors. United States Presidents George Washington and alumnus Thomas Jefferson received licenses to survey in Virginia from William and Mary. After the American Revolution, the rate at which William and Mary granted surveying licenses began to decline drastically and ceased entirely by around 1810 (Surveying, University Archives Subject File Collection, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.)

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List of Surveyors

The following is a list of surveyors arranged alphabetically by last name, year they received their license, and the counties they were allowed to survey. Surveyors for companies and counties that would later become states, such as areas in Kentucky and Ohio, are also included. The list is not complete at this time. From Surveying--Lists of Surveyors, University Archives Subject File Collection, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.

Name Year County
Allen, Arthur 1704 Isle of Wight, Surry
Anderson, Richard C. 1784 Henrico
Baker, Henry 1716 Nansemond
Baker, Richard 1754 Isle of Wight
Ball, Joseph 1751 Lancaster; Northumberland
Ball, William 1718 Lancaster; Northumberland
Barrow, Henry 1795 Southampton
Bland, William 1764 Prince George
Bolling, Robert 1702 Charles City
Brooke, Robert 1745 Caroline, Essex
Buckner, William 1709 (Surveyor General)
Cabell, William 1746, 1761, 1783 Albermarle, Amherst, Amherst
Carrington, George 1734, 1749 Goochland, Cumberland
Cary, Miles 1699 (Surveyor General)
Claiborne, Nathaniel 1729 Spottsylvania
Clark, George Rogers 1784 (Virginia State Line)
Cloyd, Gordon circa 1800 Montgomery
Cocke, Hartwell 1749 Surry
Cooke, Thomas 1707 Gloucester; Middlesex
Cooper, George 1707 Northumberland
Crawford, William 1773 (Ohio Company)
Currie, George 1749 Prince George
Donelson, John 1767 Pittsylvania
Eastham, James circa 1791 Halifax
Edmunds, John 1754 Sussex
Evans, Thomas circa 1785 Accomack
Ewell, Bertrand 1751 Prince William
Fontaine, Peter, Jr. 1748, 1748, 1752 Charles City, Lunenburg, Halifax
Fry, Robert 1753 Nansemond
Garland, Griffin circa 1772 Richmond
Garland, Samuel 1772 Lunenburg
Garland, William 1746 Richmond
Gray, William 1749 Southampton
Greenway, James 1770 Dinwiddie
Gregg, THomas 1707 Stafford
Hardyman, James circa 1767 Charles City
Harmanson, John 1755 Northampton
Harris, Tyree 1753 Louisa
Hawkins, Jonathan 1748 Hanover
Herring, Alexander 1792 Rockingham
Higginbotham, James 1776, 1788 Amherst, Amherst
Hume, George 1723 Spottsylvania
Jackson, Christopher 1717 James City
Jefferson, Peter 1744, 1756 Goochland, Albermarle
Jefferson, Thomas 1773 Albermarle
Jennings, Daniel circa 1749 Fairfax
Jones, Robert 1749 Southampton
Kemper, Charles 1800 Fauquier
Kenny, James 1752 King George
Lee, Henry 1750 Culpeper
LeNeve, Jonathan 1752, 1754 Amelia, Prince Edward
Lewis, Thomas 1744, circa 1775 Augusta and Rockingham, Botetourt
Loury, Jonathan 1743 Elizabeth City and Warwick
Markham, John 1756 Henrico
Martin, William Peters circa 1767 King William
Mauzy, Jonathan 1744 Stafford
May, George circa 1780 (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
May, William circa 1785 (Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Monroe, Spence 1743 Westmoreland
Mumford, Thomas circa 1764 Amelia
Nedderton, Henry 1716 Westmoreland
Nimmo, Gershom 1756 Norfolk and Princess Anne
Parry, William 1749, 1750, 1751, 1723 Charles City and New Kent, James City and York, King and Queen, Middlesex
Pettit, William circa 1772 Louisa
Poage, John circa 1790 Augusta
Presson, Zorobabel 1716 Northampton
Preston, Robert 1774 Washington
Preston, William 1769 Botetourt
Price, Meredith circa 1772 Goochland
Read, Clement 1754 Lunenburg
Scarburgh, Edmund circa 1755 Accomack
Sclater, John 1718 York
Sclater, Richard 1716 York
Smith, John 1708 Gloucester
Smith, John 1757 Goochland
Stewart, Andrew 1778 Norfolk
Stith, Buckner 1754 Bedford
Stith, Drury 1740 Brunswick
Stith, Richard circa 1770 Bedford
Stone, Joshua circa 1785 Pittsylvania
Syme, John 1717 New Kent
Taylor, Edmund circa 1765 Mecklenburg
Taylor, James circa 1785 Caroline
Taylor, Zachery 1751 Orange
Thomly, Aaron circa 1775 King George
Thompson, James 1781 (Lincoln County, Kentucky)
Thompson, William 1773 Fincastle
Tomson, Thomas 1707 Westmoreland
Thornton, William 1707 Richmond
Throckmorton, Jonathan 1753 Gloucester
Tunstall, Richard, Jr. circa 1765 King and Queen
Tyler, Francis 1754 Hampshire
Vaiden, Joseph circa 1786 Charles City
Waller, George, Jr. circa 1795 Henry
Washington, George 1782 Culpeper
Watkins, Benjamin 1752 Prince George
Watkins, William 1752 Dinwiddie
Weeks, Benjamin 1755 Westmoreland
Wesson, John circa 1774 Surry
West, George 1754 Fairfax and Loudoun
West, John, Jr. 1749 Fairfax
Whitesides, Thomas circa 1775 Henrico
Wood, James 1734, 1745 Orange, Frederick
Woods, Robert circa 1785 (Ohio)
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