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This page is dedicated to Alumni of the College of William and Mary who served in the United States Military.


Acuff, A. Marshall, Jr.; Class of 1962; Board of Visitors (BOV) 1991-1999; Rector, W&M 1996-1999; President, Society of Alumni 1989-1991; CT (Lt. USA)

Adams, Thomas; Class of 1755/56; Continental Congress of the US, from VA 1778-1779; Distinguished Alumni List

Albertson-Chapman, Eileen; Class of 1970 JD; Colonel, USMC

Alderson, James Morris; Class of 1953; Captain, USN

Allard, Henry George; Class of 1957; Colonel, USA

Alligood, Ray Lester, Jr.; Class of 1960; Colonel, USA

Ambler, Edward; BOV 1769, VA

Ambler, John; BOV 1794, VA

Anderson, Alvin P.; Class of 1970, JD 1972; President, Society of Alumni 1996-1997

Anderson, Richard Clough; Class of 1804/05; House of Representatives, US from KY 1817-1821; Minister Plenipotentiary to Columbia, 1823

Andrews, M. Carl; Class of 1927; BOV 1958-1966, VA

Anthony, Garner; Class of 1953; BOV 1988-1991, Hawaii; Lt. USMC

Archer, Richard C.; Class of 1804; Secretary of War, Republic of Texas; Roll of Fame

Archer, William Segar; Class of 1805/1808/1810; House of Representatives, US from VA 1820-1835; Senate, US from VA 1841-1847

Armbruster, William A.; Class of 1957; Captain, USN; President, Society of the Alumni 1986-87

Armistead, Frank; Class of 1897; President, Society of the Alumni 1930-1932

Armistead, Henry; BOV 1736, VA, Rector, 1736

Armistead, Robert B.; Class of 1843/47; Major, Confederate Army

Armistead, William; BOV 1812

Arnheiter, Theodore L., Jr.; Class of 1950; Colonel, USAF

Arthur, R. William; Class of 1938; BOV 1954-1962, 1966-1969, VA

Ashby, H. M.; Class of 1853/54; Colonel, Confederate Army

Atkeson, John C.; 1963 (MED); Rear Admiral, USN

Atkinson, Archibald; Class of 1813; House of Representatives, US from VA 1843-1849; Distinguished Alumni List

Avery, John; Class of 1971; Colonel, USA


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