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== Underground Steam Tunnels ==
#REDIRECT [[Legends, Secrets, Unofficial Traditions, and Hauntings]]
A notorious pastime of William and Mary students is exploring the underground steam tunnels under [[Old Campus]] and [[Ancient Campus]].  The college administration has explicitly prohibited entry to these tunnels in the Student Handbook: "For reasons of safety and security...mechanical equipment areas and steam tunnels of College buildings are closed to all but authorized employees."
Unverified Rumors about the Steam Tunnels:
*The college keeps the tunnels flooded to discourage urban explorers but have an automated drainage system for when maintenance workers must access the tunnels.
*One or more professors no longer employed at the college have escorted students through sections of the tunnels.
Despite the threat of expulsion and real safety hazards, hearsay and a few unofficial guides on the Internet provide students with resources on "tunneling" including points of entry.
According to college alumnus Andy Lax, class of '77, the tunnels connect to the [[Bortetourt Chapel Crypt]] located in the basement of the [[Wren Building]].  In 1977, access to the Crypt from the tunnels was blocked with a padlocked steel door to prevent vandalism.  During that time, supposedly, it was popular for fraternity brothers to sneak into the Crypt and steal a bone from the tomb of [[James Blair]].
== References ==
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