Jimmye Laycock Football Center

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This project provided a new 27,000 GSF facility which includes a team locker room with associated equipment and training rooms, coach's offices, and two 80-yard practice fields. The facility is located adjacent to the northwest corner of the stadium.

Jimmye Laycock Football Center

Constructed: 2006-2008

Opened: 2008

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   * Cost: $11 million
   * Fund Source - 9D debt & Private Funds
   * New GSF: 27,000
   * Start Date: November 2006
   * Finish Date: January 2008
   * Design Team: Moseley Architects
   * Contractor: W.M. Jordan Co.

Building Committee:
Steve Wasilefsky, Project Manager
Anna Martin, Vice President, Administration
Martha Sheets, Senior Planner
Robert Dillman, Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management
Wayne Boy, Associate Director of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction
Dave Shepard, Associate Director of Maintenance/Operations, Facilities Management
Joseph Martinez, Deputy Associate Director, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction
Lynda Butler, Vice Dean and Chancellor, School of Law
Terry Driscoll, Director, Athletic Department
Robb Dunn, Associate Athletic Director, Facilities and Operations, Athletic Department
Jimmye Laycock, Head Football Coach, Athletic Department
Stephen Cole, Assistant Director for Health Services, Athletic Department
Andy Carter, Associate Athletic Trainer, Athletic Department
Jerry Fife, Head Equipment Manager, Athletic Department
Sarah Stafford, Student.

Construction site