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2014    Gabriel Manion
2014    Gabriel Manion
2015    Laura Elizabeth Pugh
==Material in the Special Collections Research Center==
==Material in the Special Collections Research Center==

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The James Frederic Carr Memorial Cup is given to the graduating senior who best combines the qualities of character, scholarship and leadership. It was established as a memorial to James Frederic Carr, a former student of the College of William and Mary who lost his life in World War I. The award is given out during the Commencement ceremony each May.

James Frederic Carr Memorial Cup Recipients


1927 Herbert L. Ganter

1928 Willard N. James

1929 John B. Hozier

1930 John H. Waters, Jr.

1931 Jerome Carr

1932 William Brooks George

1933 Joseph Jackier

1934 Donald Craigie Gordon

1935 Ralph Stambaugh

1936 Henry G. Seymour

1937 Samuel Warne Robinson

1938 Carl Eugene Buffington

1939 R. Bradshaw Pulley

1940 Robert Americus Douglas

1941 Charles Richard Gondak

1942 Charles Malcolm Sullivan

1943 Hugh Francis Harnsberger

1944 Donald Lyle Ream

1945 Not awarded

1946 Richard Lee Baker

1947 William Clancy Heffner

1948 Thomas Michael Mikula

1949 Kenneth Eugene Scott


1950 Chester Frank Giermak

1951 Richard Bruce Crowell

1952 Richard E. Hutcheson

1953 John Nichols Dalton

1954 James Deneale Grant

1955 Otto Lowe, Jr.

1956 Gray Bromleigh, Jr.

1957 Rodney Gorham Elliott

1958 Denys Grant

1959 Tommy Lee Law

1960 Glenn Williams Cayward

1961 Ronald John Monark

1962 Dennis Frank Thompson

1963 Robert Joseph Harris, Jr.

1964 Anthony John Steinmeyer

1965 Joseph John Ellis, III

1966 Paul Jeffrey Bernstein

1967 Robert Lawrence White

1968 Robert Joseph Cline

1969 Dennis Denenberg

1970 Keith Walter Dayton

1971 James Frederick Almand

1972 Robert Williams Wooldridge, Jr.

1973 John Ruston Pagan

1974 Alan Eliot Finder

1975 Robert Alan Scar

1976 John Francis Weiner

1977 Jeffrey Hossmer

1978 Mary Jean Theresa Kelly

1979 Susan Patricia Manix

1980 David Trevor Jones

1981 Lynn Norenberg

1982 James Brien Comey, Jr.

1983 Peter William Atwater

1984 William Cooper Scott

1985 Sheila Marie Cunneen

1986 Douglas Scott Hawkins

1987 Ted Douglas Zoller

1988 Rebecca Brooks Edwards

1989 George Newton Minor DeShazo, Jr.

1990 Aleda Noelle Borders

1991 Jennifer Elizabeth Thorne

1992 Laura Lee Flippin

1993 Danielle Crisitina Sepulveda

1994 Andrew Justin Zawacki

1995 Daniel Greenwald

1996 Bridget Harrison

1997 Abbie Louise Hattauer

1998 Chad Michael Carr

1999 Dana Horning


2000 Donovan Maust

2001 Jason Ciejka

2002 Doug Bunch

2003 Daniel Perry Mallon

2004 Richard Marc Johnson

2005 Jason M. Franasiak

2006 Sarah Kathryn Strehle

2007 Ryan Scofield

2008 Judd William Kennedy

2009 Bryan Jenkins Terrill

2010 K. Bailey Thomson

2011 Samanthe Elizabeth Tiver

2012 Ksenija Kapetanovic

2013 Michael William Schilling

2014 Gabriel Manion

2015 Laura Elizabeth Pugh

Material in the Special Collections Research Center

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