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==In The News==
==In The News==
*[http://www.wm.edu/news/stories/2009/former-virginia-senator-john-chichester-named-2009-andrews-fellow-123.php John Chichester named 2009 Andrews Fellow]
*[http://www.wm.edu/news/stories/2009/former-virginia-senator-john-chichester-named-2009-andrews-fellow-123.php John Chichester named 2009 Andrews Fellow]
*[http://web.wm.edu/news/archive/index.php?id=8803 U.S. Sen. Warner named 2008 Andrews Fellow]
*[http://www.wm.edu/as/government/news/mannnamedandrewsfellow.php Thomas E. Mann named Hunter Andrews Fellow]

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The Hunter B. Andrews Distinguished Fellowship in American Politics is used each year by the College of William and Mary to host journalists, scholars, and politicians to meet with and teach students for up to one week. Created in 1998, the fellowship is named after Hunter B. Andrews, a William and Mary alum who for over 30 years served as a Virginia State Senator from Hampton, Virginia.

Past Andrews Fellowship Recipients

2001 - David Broder, Washington Post columnist

2002 - Sandy Berger, National Security Adviser to President Bill Clinton

2003 - Tom Foley, 49th speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

2004 - John Lewis, U.S. Congressman and noted civil rights leader

2005 - David Brooks, New York Times columnist and author

2006 - Walter Isaacson, journalist, editor and author

2007 - Thomas E. Mann, W. Averell Harriman Chair and Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution

2008 - John Warner, U.S. Senator from Virginia

2009 - John Chichester, former Virginia State Senator

In The News