Granville Smith

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Granville Smith born circa 1758 and died in 1811. He was a student at the College of William and Mary in 1775/76. He left the College to enter the Revolutionary War. On August 11, 1777, he was commissioned first lieutenant of a company of militia formed from the student body of William and Mary for service with the Virginia troops. On February 17, 1780, he was commissioned Ensign, State Garrison Regiment, and served as quartermaster to Col. Porterfield, Quartermaster General of the State. In 1781 Smith was also deputy quartermaster.

After the termination of his service in the Revolutionary Army, Granville Smith returned to Hanover County, VA, where he was residing in December 1783. He purchased 250 acres of land in Chesterfield County and moved there as early as 1791 and as late as 1795. He then moved to Goochland County, VA, and from there to Montgomery County, VA, where he died in 1811.

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