Goronwy Owen

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Goronwy Owen was Master of the Grammar School at the College of William and Mary from 1758-1760. Born in Anglesea, North Wales on January 13, 1722, Owen attended Jesus College, Oxford from 1742-1745. In 1745, Owen was made a curate and spent the next ten years as a school teacher and writing poetry. In order to make a better life for himself in America, Owen took the post as Master of the Grammar School on April, 7, 1758, and later married Mrs. Clayton, sister to Reverend Thomas Dawson, presidentof the College. Owen resigned his position as head of the Grammar School in 1760 after he and Jacob Rowe, professor of moral philosophy, were involved in a fight between the students at the College and the young men of Williamsburg. In 1761, Owen was made rector of St. Andrew's Parrish in Brunswick County, Virginia, a position he served until his death in July 1769.