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George R. Healy was a faculty member at the College of William and Mary serving as: Professor of History, 1971-1986; Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1971-1983; Provost, 1979-1986; Acting President, 1985; Professor of History, Emeritus, 1986-; and Acting Director of the Institute of Early American History and Culture, 1990-1992. Healy received the Thomas Jefferson Award in 1987.

Healy assumed the role of acting president after Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr. resigned to assume leadership of Winterthur Museum and Garden in Wilmington, Delaware on January 9, 1985, and before Paul Verkuil assumed the presidency on June 30, 1985.

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Articles from The Flat Hat are available online.

Chosen to replace Jones as new Academic VP (Flat Hat, 9/4/1971, 15.)

Reviews general first impressions of W&M (Flat Hat, 9/24/1971, 1.)

Vice president for academic affairs (Alumni Gazette, October 1971, 6. [picture])

Attends meeting at MIT (C, 3/2/1971, 6.)

Explains reorganization (Alumni Gazette, Aug. 1974, 9.)

Memo explaining Buckley Amendment (William & Mary News, 11/26/1974, 6.)

Attending launching ceremonies at the Newberry Library (William & Mary News, 6/29/1976, 3.)

Report to National Development Council (Alumni Gazette, May 1977, insert 4.)

Makes opening remarks at Conference on Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects (William & Mary News, 7/19/1977, 2.)

Pictured (Alumni Gazette, August 1977, 1.)

Participates in "New South" television series (William & Mary News, 11/29/1977, 2.; Alumni Gazette, December 1977, 1; Flat Hat, 12/2/1977, 1, 2.)

Accepts Livingston's resignation as dean (Alumni Gazette, March 1978, 8.)

Opts for Currie (Alumni Gazette, April 1979, 6.)

Denies Rigelman tenure (Flat Hat, 4/4/1980, 2 [picture])

Pictured (Alumni Gazette, March 1981, 32.)

Ranking scholars (William & Mary News, 5/17/1983, 3 [picture])

Announces resignation (Flat Hat, 12/2/1983, 1.)

President announces plans to resign (Alumni Gazette, December 1983, 2 [picture])

Departure marks end of era for College (Flat Hat, 11/9/1984, 2 [picture])

To serve as interim president (William & Mary News, 12/14/1984, 1 [picture])

To stay until June 30, 1986 (William & Mary News, 1/10/1985, 1.)

To stay another year (Alumni Gazette, March 1985, 3. [picture])

Will make opening remarks at symposium devoted to "The Crises of Transition in Africa." (William & Mary News, 10/2/1985, 1, 2.)

Intends to retire from provost position this spring (Flat Hat, 11/22/1985, 6.)

Plans to retire this spring (Flat Hat, 3/21/1986, 3 [picture])

College salutes years of service (William & Mary News, 4/30/1986, 4 [picture])

"North to Alaska" (Alumni Gazette, Winter 1987, 26-28 [pictures])

Receives Jefferson Award (William & Mary News, 2/11/1987, 5, 6 [picture]; Flat Hat 2/13/1987, 1, 3.)

Upholds tradition (Flat Hat, 2/27/1987, 9, 10.)

Receives the Thomas Jefferson Award (Alumni Gazette, March 1987, 1 [picture])

Named president of Longwood College (William & Mary News, 6/3/1987, 2.) (Healy was named to a one-year term as interim president)

Two W&M retirees now guide fortunes of Old Dominion University (William & Mary News, 2/1/1989, 4 [picture]) (Healy was named interim Executive Vice President of ODU)

Who's in charge here? (at ODU) (Alumni Gazette, March 1989, 18.)

Heads Institute of Early American History and Culture (Alumni Gazette, December 1990, 15.)

Charter Day activities (William & Mary News, 2/6/1991, 5 [picture])

Memorial Service for wife in Wren chapel (William & Mary News, 1/16/1998, 2.)

Preceded by College of William and Mary President Succeeded by
Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr.

September 1, 1971 - January 9, 1985

George R. Healy

January 10, 1985 - June 30, 1985

Davis Young Paschall

July 1, 1985 - January 7, 1992

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