Dillard Complex

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The Dillard Complex, also known as James Blair Terrace, is located approximately three miles from the main campus of the College of William and Mary on Ironbound Road. The Complex was formerly part of Eastern State Hospital. The College leased James Blair Terrace buildings #42 and #43 and sixteen acres of land from Eastern State Hospital for student residences between the years of 1965 and 1980. The College assumed title to buildings #42, #43, #46, #47, and #49 as well as 38 acres of land to be renovated and modernized for student housing in 1980. Four former physicians' residences were converted to graduate student housing over the summer of that same year.

The buildings were collectively renamed the Dillard Complex in 1982 and the individual buildings were named as follows: #42, Hughes Hall; #43, Munford Hall; #46, Alexander Galt House; #47, Gabriel Galt House; #48, Minson Galt House; #49, Patrick Galt House. The 19th Hole, a small convenience store financed by Shamrock, opened in the basement of Munford Hall during the exam week of the 1983 fall semester.


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