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Location: College Airport was located 1 mile northwest from Campus at Ewell Station, Part of city airport. Near present day Airport Road.

College Airport aerial.jpg

1931--hangar built and used for student instruction

1934--student instruction ended at the airport

1944--56 acres taken by U.S. Government for construction of Waller Reservoir (BofV, Oct. 7, 1944, p. 383) (Scott Field)

1945--BofV, February 10, p. 401)

1946--Combination office, waiting room, and work shop being erected at College Airport to be rented to Aviation Service, Inc., Aviation Services, Inc., moved last weekend to College Airport, approximately 1 mile beyond Scott Field, former headquarters. New airport has two runways, each 2800 feet long, 150 feet wide, set in an "x" pattern. Longer and smoother than runways at Scott Field. At present 3 hangars of the "T" type at College Airport, construction begun on administrative building and hangar for Aviation Services with hangar space almost as large as that at Scott Field (FH, 10/15/1946, 1).

1954--hangar previously used as National Guard armory (FH, 10/26/1954, 1) (BofV, Feb. 11, 1956, p. 230--233)

1955--rented to Floyd G. Clark of Richmond for commercial airport (FH, 1/11/1955, 2)

1967--College Airport closed; poor condition (FH, 2/24/1967, 11)

1980--30 acres sold to City of Williamsburg (BofV October 17-18, p. 355)

1985--Airport property sold to City of Williamsburg for $1,267,000 (WMN, 9/18/1985, 1)


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