Cheerleading at William and Mary

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Cheerleaders at the College of William and Mary were first used for home football games and has evolved over the years to include basketball as well. Over the years, there have been all-male, all-female, co-ed, and Freshman cheerleading squads at the College. The size of the squad has changed over time as well, from 3 in 1924 to 38 in 2008.


1924 - Cheerleaders were made into a permanent organization made up of 3 men: a Senior, a Junior, and a Sophomore

1926 - Women at the College were allowed to have their own section at home football games to cheer

1927 - The first women cheerleader made the squad


1938 - The first all-female squad debuted for William and Mary home football games.


1950 - The Pep Club was formed as a separate club from the cheerleaders

1958 - The first co-ed varsity cheering squad at William and Mary debuted


1961 - A Freshman squad made up of all women debuted


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