Charter Day Speakers

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Gerald L. Baliles – Governor of Virginia

State University of New York, Stony Brook

Mills E. Godwin, Jr. Former VA.Commissioner of Administration

College of William and Mary 1859 John Tyler – former U.S. President, Rector of the Board of Visitors

1893 J. Allen Watts –

1893 Robert M. Hughes –

1923 Albert Bushnell Hart – former President of American Historical Association and former President of the American Political Science Association

1939 George Arents – former chairman of the Syracus University Board of Trustees

1940 Charles Warren – Former Assistant Attorney General of the United States, and Pulitzer Prize winning author

1941 Max Lerner – Author and syndicated columnist

1942 James T. Shotwell - Bryce Professor of the History of International Relations at Columbia University

1943 Oliver C. Carmichael – Chancellor of Vanderbilt University

1944 Lindsay Rogers – Burgess Professor of Public Law, Columbia University

1945 Kenneth Chorley – President of Williamsburg Restoration and Colonial Williamsburg

1946 James William Fulbright – U.S. Senator (Arkansas)

1947 The Right Honorable the Lord Inverchapel – British Ambassador to the U.S.

1948 Paul Eliot Green – Playwright

1949 Frederick D.G. Ribble – Dean, Department of Law, The University of Virginia

1950 Ceremony cancelled by President Pomfret

1951 John A. Krout – Dean of Graduate Studies, Columbia University

1952 Raymond B. Pinchbeck – Professor of Applied Economics and Dean of Richmond College, The University of Richmond

1953 Douglas S. Freeman – Journalish and Historian

1954 John A. Krout – Vice-President and provost, Columbia University

1955 Bolitha J. Laws – Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia

1956 Lewis A. McMurran – Member of the House of Delegates, The General Assembly of Virginia

1957 Julian P. Boyd – Princeton University, Editor, “The Papers of Thomas Jefferson”

1958 Harold Lees Fowler, - Professor of History, College of William and Mary

1959 Graves Glenwood Clark – Chancellor Professor of English,

1960 Walter Spencer Robertson – Former Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs

1961 Carlisle H. Humelsine – President, Colonial Williamsburg

1962 Dr. Harold L. Fowler – Chairman, Department of History College of William and Mary

1963 Julian Parks Boyd – Editor, “The Papers of Thomas Jefferson”

1964 Julius Adams Stratton – President, M.I.T.

1965 Lewis F. Powell, Jr. – President, American Bar Association

1966 Marjorie Hope Nicolson – Professor of English, Emeritus, Columbia University, and Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton

1967 John Walker – Director, National Gallery of Art

1968 Sir Patrick Henry Dean – Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador to the U.S. The Right Reverand and Right Honorable Robert Wright Stopford, Bishop of London

1969 Robert Quarles Marston – Director, National Institutes of Health

1970 Arthur Lehman Goodhart – University College, Oxford

1971 Davis Y. Paschall – President of the College of William and Mary

1972 Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr. – President of the College of William and Mary

1973 Colgate W. Darden, Jr. – Former Congressman, Former Governor of Virginia, Former Chancellor of College of William and Mary

1974 Edgar F. Shannon, Jr. – President of the University of Virginia

1975 Virginius Dabney - historian, author, journalist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing

1976 Sir Peter Ramsbotham, British Ambassador to the U.S.

1977 Carter O. Lowance – Special Assistant to Virginia Governor

1978 Ernest L. Boyer – U.S. Commissioner of Education

1979 Lewis F. Powell, Jr. – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

1980 Reverend Theodore M. Hesburg – President of the University of Notre Dame

1981 John W. Warner, U.S. Senator (Virginia)

1982 Hays T. Watkins – President, CSX Corporation

1983 Charles S. Robb – Governor of Virginia

1984 J. Carter Brown – Director The National Gallery of Art Washington, D.C.

1985 Donald W. Pritchard – Professor, Marine Sciences Research Center

1986 Clark Kerr – President Emeritus, The University of California

1987 Warren E. Burger – Chancellor of the College of William and Mary, former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

1988 Robert Wedgeworth - Dean of the School of Library Service, Columbia University

1989 The Right Honorable. The Lord Mackay of Clashfern – The Lord Chancellor or the House of Lords

1990 Eric Sevareid – CBS News Consultant

1991 Fang Lizhi – Professor of Astrophysics and Former Vice Chancellor of China Science and Technology University

1992 D. Allan Bromley – Assistant to the President of the U.S. for Science and Technology

1993 His Royal Highness The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

1994 Margaret, The Lady Thatcher – Former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Chancellor of the College of William and Mary

1995 David S. Broder – National political correspondent and columnist for The Washington Post

1996 Pamela Churchill Harriman – U.S. Ambassador to France

1997 David McCullough – Pulitzer Prize winning author

1998 Robert M. Gates (’85) – Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

1999 Richard G. Lugar – U.S. Senator (Indiana)

2000 Margaret, The Lady Thatcher – Former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Chancellor of the College of William and Mary

2001 Henry A. Kissinger – Former Secretary of State, Chancellor of the College of William and Mary

2002 Michael K. Powell (’85) – Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

2003 Kofi A. Annan – Secretary-General of the United Nations

2004 David D. McKiernan, Lieutenant General, Commanding General, Third U.S. Army Commander, Coalition Land Forces – Second Gulf War

2005 James H. Billington – The Librarian of Congress

2006 Timothy M. Kaine – Governor of Virginia

2007 Chuck Hagel, U.S. Senator (Nebraska)