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The Chair of Anatomy and Medicine was created at the December 4, 1779 meeting of the [[Board of Visitors]] of the [[College of William and Mary]]. Dr. James McClurg served as the chair from 1779 until 1784, when he left the College to go into private practice. The vacancy of the chair was never filled. During the 1836-1837 session, the Board of Visitors wanted the Virginia General Assembly to provide funding for a medical school in Richmond, Virginia. The General Assembly, however, could not agree on either an affiliation with a school or the medical school's location, so they postponed the legislation indefinitely. 
#REDIRECT [[Medical Education at the College of William and Mary#Chair of Anatomy and Medicine]]
Godson, Susan H, et. al., ''The College of William and Mary: A History'', King and Queen Press, 1993. pg. 133, 169, 173, 264.
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