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The '''Chair of Anatomy and Medicine''' was created at the December 4, 1779 meeting of the [[Board of Visitors]] of the [[College of William and Mary]] as a part of [[Thomas Jefferson]]'s reforms of the College. The purpose of Jefferson's reforms, as he recalled late in life, was to "amend the constitution of Wm & Mary College, to enlarge it's sphere of science, and to make it in fact a University." In order to acheive this goal, Jefferson and the [[Board of Visitors]] abolished the two chairs of divinity and the Grammar School, and in place established chairs in [[Marshall-Wythe School of Law|law and police]], [[Department of Modern Languages and Literatures|modern languages]], and anatomy and medicine.
#REDIRECT [[Medical Education at the College of William and Mary#Chair of Anatomy and Medicine]]
Dr. [[James McClurg]] served as the chair from 1779 until 1784, when he left the College to go into private practice. The vacancy of the chair was never filled. During the 1836-1837 session, the Board of Visitors wanted the Virginia General Assembly to provide funding for a medical school in Richmond, Virginia. The General Assembly, however, could not agree on either an affiliation with a school or the medical school's location, so they postponed the legislation indefinitely. 
*Godson, Susan H, et. al., ''The College of William and Mary: A History'', King and Queen Press, 1993. pg. 132, 133, 169, 173, 264.
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