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The College Bookstore is presently located at corner of Duke of Gloucester and North Henry Streets, run by Barnes and Nobel since 2001. Prior to this, the Bookstore was located across Jamestown Road from the Wren Building on the site of Morris House.

History of the College Bookstore and Book Selling

  • 1914 - The College Bookstore sells pies, cakes and candy daily till 12 o'clock midnight.
  • c.1921-1941 - Books sold in the College Shop (on D.O.G. Street, no connection with the College of William and Mary).
  • 1922-1923 - YWCA sponsored used book sale
  • 1942-c.1950 - Books had previously been sold in the corner of the Dining Hall (Trinkle Hall).
  • c.1958-1959 - Books sold in New Taliaferro Hall.
  • 1981 - an addition onto the back of the building almost doubles the space for storage and additional offices.


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