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Anita Poston J.D. '74, Norfolk, VA
Anita Poston J.D. '74, Norfolk, VA
Robert E. Scott J.D. ’68, New York, New York
Robert E. Scott J.D. ’68, New York, NY
John Charles Thomas, Richmond, VA
John Charles Thomas, Richmond, VA

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A note about the information in this wiki: Unfortunately, many of the early original records of the College of William and Mary were destroyed by fire, military occupation, and the normal effects of time. The information available here is the best available from known documents and sources at the time it was written. Information in this wiki is not complete as new information continues to be uncovered in the SCRC's collections and elsewhere. Researchers are strongly encouraged to use the SCRC's access tools for their research as the information contained in this wiki is by no means comprehensive.

The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Visitors are described in the board's by-laws and additional information about the Board of Visitors is available at its website http://www.wm.edu/bov/. The Board of Visitors of the College of William and Mary elect a Rector, Vice-Rector, and Secretary from its membership.

In March 1960, the BOV was expanded from 11 to 15 members by Gov. Lindsay Almond, Jr. The expansion was justified because of the BOV's expanded responsibilities for the Colleges of William and Mary (the Richmond Professional Institute (what later became VCU), Richard Bland College, and Christopher Newport).




Acuff, A. Marshall, Jr., 1991-1995, Class of 1962, Riverside, CT

Ambler, Edward, 1769, Jamestown, James City Co, VA

Ambler, John, 1794, James City Co, VA

Anderson,(first name unkown) c. 1716

Anderson, Alvin P., 2005-2007, class of 1970, J.D. 1972, Wlliamsburg, VA

Andrews, Hunter B., 2003-2005,(died Jan.2005) Class of 1942; LL.D. 1993, Hampton, VA

Andrews, M. Carl, 1958-1966, Roanoke, VA

Anthony, Garner, 1988-1991, Honolulu, HI

Armistead, William, 1812-1817

Arthur, R. William, 1954-1962, 1966-1969, Vice-Rector 1959-1962, Wytheville, VA


Baker, Joseph Edward, 1976-1979, Norfolk, VA

Banister (or Bannister), John, 1777, Dinwiddie Co, VA

Banks, Charles A.,2006-2010 Gloucester, VA

Barham, Richard, P., 1906-1908, Petersburg, VA

Barnes, Manly Howell, 1906-1918, Williamsburg, VA

Barnes, Thomas H., 1888-1913, Elwood, Nansemond Co. VA

Barr, William P., 1997-2005, Vice-Rector 1999-2001, McLean, VA

Barraud, Otway B., 1852-1855, Norfolk, VA

Barraud, Philip, 1791, Williamsburg, VA

Barrett, Kate Waller (Dr.), 1921-1925, Alexandria, VA

Barten, Rev. O. Sievers, (1831-1897), 1875-(1888)-1895, Norfolk, VA

Bassett, Burwell, 1792-1837, Rector 1825 and 1832, Williamsburg, VA

Bassett, William,(1670-1723) c. 1716, Eltham, New Kent Co, VA

Batten, Frank, 1990-1994, Norfolk, VA

Bauserman, J. V., 1950-1958, Woodstock, VA

Bell, Belden H., 1999-2003, Alexandria, VA

Berkeley, Norborne, Baron de Botetourt, 1768, Williamsburg, VA

Beverley, Peter, c. 1716,1723-1726 (possibly appointed by 1704, serving until his death), Gloucester Co, VA

Beverley (or Beverly), Robert, 1775, 1784, Blandfield, Essex Co, VA

Blair, James, 1693, Williamsburg, VA

Blair, John, c. 1758, Williamsburg, VA

Blair, John, 1800, Williamsburg, VA

Blair, Robert A., class of 1968, 2004-2008, Washington, D.C.

Bland, Richard (II), (1665-1720) c. 1716, Jordan's Point, Prince George Co, VA

Bland, Richard (III), c. 1758, 1769, Prince George Co, VA

Bland, William, c. 1723, Williamsburg, VA

Blow, George, 1833-1837, York County, VA

Bohannon, James Gordon, 1938-1946, Rector 1941-1946, Petersburg, VA

Bolling, Robert B., 1851, Petersburg, VA

Booth, Dr. Edwin Gilliam, 1888-1906, Carter's Grove, Williamsburg, VA

Boulware, William, 1847, 1859-1866, King and Queen Co, VA

Bowditch, Willits H., 1968-1976, Secretary 1972-1976, Yorktown, VA

Bowen, Sandra D., 1989-1990, Richmond, VA

Brashear, Janet M., class of 1982, 2004-present, Virginia Beach, VA

Braxton, Carter, 1769, King William Co, VA

Braxton, Corbin, 1847, King William Co, VA

Bredin, John Bruce, 1974-1982, Greenville, DE

Brickell, Edward Ernest, Jr., 1976-1984, Rector 1978-1982, Virginia Beach, VA

Bridges, Herbert Lee, Secretary to the Board 1928-1934 (not believed to be an official board member)

Brinkley, James W., 1986-1994, Vice-Rector 1990-1993, Rector 1993-1995, Class of 1959, Baltimore, MD

Brown, Jeffrey, 2001-2002, (acting as voting member of Board since July 2001 appointment but General Assembly had not officially confirmed, removed by General Assembly February 2002)

Browne, William, 1812, 1814, 1817, Rector 1814 and 1825, Williamsburg, VA

Bryan, John Stewart, 1926-1934, Vice-Rector 1926-1934, Richmond, VA

Buchanan, John L., 1888-1889, Vice-Rector, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Burwell, Lewis, 1761-1763, Kings Mill, James City Co, VA

Burwell, Nathaniel, c. 1716, Gloucester Co, VA

Burwell, Nathaniel, 1775, Gloucester Co, VA

Byrd, John Carter, 1791, Williamsburg, VA

Byrd, Otway, 1791, Norfolk, VA

Byrd, William (I), 1693, Charles City Co, VA

Byrd, William (II), 1723, Westover, Charles City Co, VA

Byrd, William (III), 1769, Westover, Charles City Co, VA


Campbell, Edward J., 1987-1995, Newport News, VA

Capps, Thomas E., 2002-2010, Richmond, VA

Carmichael, Edward H., 1842, Richmond, VA

Carneal, James Durrette, Jr., 1952-1958, Richmond, VA

Carneal, Russell M., 1959-1960, Williamsburg, VA

Carter, Charles, c. 1758, Shirley, Charles City Co, VA

Carter, Charles, 1764, Corotoman, Lancaster Co, VA

Carter, Robert, c. 1716-23, 1726 (Secretary to the Council), Corotoman, Lancaster Co, VA

Cary, (Col.) John B, 1892-1897, Superintendent of Richmond Public Schools, 1886-1889

Cary, Miles, 1693, Warwick Co, VA

Cary, T. Archibald, 1901-1906

Cary, (Col)Wilson Miles, 1800, Elizabeth City Co, VA

Chappell, Robert Harvey, Jr., 1968-1976, Vice-Rector 1970-1972, Rector 1972-1976, Richmond, VA

Charles, Roy R., 1952-1960, Secretary 1952-1960, Norfolk, VA

Chinnis, (Mrs.) Carter C. (Pamela P.), 1974-1982, Secretary 1978-1982, Alexandria, VA

Chitwood, Joseph Howard, 1908-1914, Rocky Mount, VA

Christian, John B., 1844, Williamsburg, VA

Clarke, Colin, 1845, 1959, Gloucester Co, VA

Clarke, Thomas C., 1974-1982, Vice-Rector 1978-1982, Norfolk, VA

Clarke, William B., 1899-1903, Surry Co, VA

Clayton, John, c. 1716, Gloucester Co, VA

Clements, J. Peter, 1996-2004, Class of 1982, Carson, VA

Cocke, Randolph Preston, 1918-1922, Williamsburg, VA

Cofer, J. H., 1922-1926, Norfolk, VA

Cole, William, 1723-1726, Warwick Co, VA

Coleman, Claude C, 1941-1948, Richmond, VA

Coleman, George Preston, 1912-1924, Vice-Rector 1919-1924

Coleman, William, 1800, Williamsburg, VA

Coles, Sharon A, (Sharon A. Coles-Stewart), 1983-1991, Newport News, VA

Conway, Eustace, 1849, Fredericksburg, VA

Corbin, Francis, 1788, Caroline Co, VA

Corbin, Gawin L, 1810, York Co, VA

Corbin, Richard, c. 1758, 1769, Middlesex Co, VA

Cox, Frank Woodard, 1964-1972, Secretary 1968-1972, Class of 1926, Virginia Beach, VA

Crocker, James F., 1898-1906, Portsmouth, VA

Crump, William Wood, 1853, 1859-(1888)-1890, Rector 1889-1890, Richmond, VA


Daingerfield, H. W., 1888-1891, Tappahannock Essex Co.

Dalton, Garrett, 1970-1976, Died May 4, 1976

Dangerfield, H. W., 1888-1897, Essex Co, VA

Daniel, John H., 1969-1970, Charlotte Courthouse, VA

Davies, Samuel D., 1898-1900, Richmond, VA

Davis, Colin Randolph, 1978-1985, Suffolk, VA

Davis, Henry Jackson, 1914-1920, Richmond, VA

Davis, Marguerite Bozarth, 1994-1998, Class of 1953, Williamsburg, VA

Davis, Richard J., 1982-1990, Portsmouth, VA

Dawson, Thomas, c. 1758, Williamsburg, VA

Deane, Frederick, Jr., 1970-1978, Vice-Rector 1976-1978, Richmond, VA

Digges, Cole, c. 1716, 1723-1726, Williamsburg, VA

Digges, Dudley, 1764, James City Co, VA

Dillard, James H., 2005-2009, Class of 1959, Fairfax, VA

Dillard, James Hardy, 1918-1940, Rector 1919-1940, Charlottesville, VA

Draper, J. S., 1921-1924, Pulaski, VA

Drewer, Milton, L., Jr., 1976-1984, Arlington, VA

Duckworth, W. Fred, 1960-1964, Norfolk, VA

Duke, Charles Joseph, 1926-1929, Portsmouth, VA

Duke, Charles Joseph, Jr., 1929-1934, Secretary 1934-1950, Portsmouth, VA

Dunbar, Rev. John, 1792, Williamsburg, VA

Duncan, (Mrs.) Robert V. H., 1966-1974, Alexandria, VA

Dunmore (Earl of), John Murray, 1772, Williamsburg, VA


Eagleburger, Lawrence S, 1996-2006, Charlottsville, VA

Edwards, Walter A., 1888-1906, Norfolk, VA

Egelhoff, Carol T., 1982-1986, Williamsburg, VA

Eggelston, J. D., Jr., 1906-1912, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Ellis, William Munford, 1897-1916, Shawsville, VA

Ernst, Frank, 1960-1966, Petersburg, VA

Everett, Charles, 1817, Albemarle Co, VA


Falck, Nancy (Mrs George), 1970-1978, Secretary 1974-1978, McLean, VA

Farnifold, John, 1693, London, England

Farrar, Fernando Southall, 1918-1922, Jetersville, VA

Faulcon, Nicholas, 1804, Surry Co, VA

Faulconer, Robert J., 1972-1976, 1979-1987, Norfolk, VA

Fauquier, Governor Francis, 1761-1763, Williamsburg, VA

Ferguson, Homer Lenior, 1938-1942, Newport News, VA

Ferrar, Fernando Southall, 1918-1922, Jetersville, VA

Field, Rev. Thomas, 1773

Fontaine, James M., 1767, Gloucester

Foreman, Alvan Herbert, 1924-1952, Vice-Rector 1940-45 and 1948-52, Rector 1946-48

Fouace, Stephen, 1693, Rector 1697, London, England

Fox, John, 1761-1763, Gloucester Co, VA

Fricks, William P, 1996-2000, Secretary 1999-2000, Class of 1970, Williamsburg, VA


Galt, Alexander D., 1808-1837, Williamsburg, VA

Galt, John Minson, 1800, Williamsburg, VA

Gamage, Stewart H, 1985-1990, Vice-Rector 1989-1990, Alexandria, VA

Garnett, James M., 1824, Essex Co, VA

Geddy, Carrie Cole (Mrs. Vernon M.), 1966-1970, Williamsburg, VA

George, W. Brooks, 1958-1968, Secretary 1960-1964, Vice-Rector 1964-1965, Rector 1966-1968, Richmond, VA

Gerdelman, John, 2003-2011, class of 1975, McLean, VA

Gholson, Thomas L., 1844, Petersburg, VA

Gill, Russell B., 1966-1970, Petersburg, VA

Glass, E. C., 1889-1899, Lynchburg, VA

Glucksman, Lewis L., 1983-1991, New York, NY

Goode, John, Jr., 1873, Norfolk, VA

Goode, William O., 1842, Mecklenburg

Goodrich, Ernest, 1964-1972, Vice-Rector 1968-1970, Rector 1970-1972, Surry Co, VA

Gordon, Armistead C., 1897-1906, Stauton, VA

Gordon, James Lindsay, 1888-1893, Albemarle Co, VA

Gore, Sarah I, 2002-2010, class of 1956, Newark, DE

Gray, Samuel, 1693, Southampton

Grayson, Cary Travers, 1934-1938, Washington, D.C.

Green, Nathaniel Terry, 1918-1922, Norfolk, VA

Greenhow, Robert, 1800, Williamsburg, VA

Gregory, R. Scott, 1995-2003, Class of 1983, Richmond, VA

Griffin, Cyrus, 1791, Williamsburg, VA

Griffin, Samuel, 1786, Williamsburg, VA

Griffin, Thomas, 1814-1817, York Co, VA

Grigsby, Hugh Blair, 1853, 1859-1866, Norfolk, VA

Grimsley, J. Edward, 1990-2001, Secretary 1993-1997, Vice-Rector 1997-1999, Rector 1999-2001, Class of 1951, Richmond, VA

Grosvenor, Gilbert M., 1988-1993, McLean, VA/Washington, D.C.

Grymes, John, c. 1723-1726, Middlesex Co, VA

Grymes, Philip, c. 1758, Middlesex Co, VA

Grymes, Philip Ludwell, 1788, Middlesex Co, VA


Halaby, Najeeb E., 1990-1994, McLean, VA

Hall, Channing Moore, 1938-1946, Williamsburg, VA

Hall, Sydney Bartlett, 1930-1941, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Hall, Wilbur C., 1946-1948, Leesburg, VA

Hanes, John Wesley, Jr., 1973-1976, (Appointed to fill term of William H. Trapnell), Great Falls, VA

Harper, John P., 1960-1968, Secretary 1964-1965, Vice-Rector 1966-1968, Norfolk, VA

Harriman, Pamela, 1986-1990, Middleburg, VA

Harris, Audrey M. (Mrs. Robert L.), 1987-1995, Secretary 1993, Richmond, VA

Harrison, Benjamin, 1693, Surry Co, VA

Harrison, Col. Benjamin, 1773, Berkeley, Charles City Co, VA

Harrison, Benjamin, 1777, Brandon, Prince George Co, VA

Harrison, George Byrd, 1877, Cumberland Co, VA

Harrison, Nathaniel, 1716, 1723-1726, Wakefield, Surry Co, VA

Harrison, William B., 1849, 1859-1866, Prince George Co, VA

Hart, Harris, 1918-1930, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Hartwell, Henry, 1693, James City Co, VA

Harvey, Norma B., 1991-1995, Hampton, VA

Herget III, R. Philip, 2005-present, Alexandria, VA

Hiden, Martha Woodroof, (Mrs. Philip W.), 1952-1958, Vice-Rector 1958, Newport News, VA

Hill, Janet, (Mrs. Calvin), 1990-1997, Reston, VA

Holton, Abner Linwood, 1980-1988, McLean, VA

Hooker, Henry Lester, 1955-1964, Richmond, VA

Hornsby, Kathy Y., class of 1979, 2007-present, Williamsburg, VA

Hornsby, Robert Stanley, 1979-1983, Williamsburg, VA

Howard, Dowell, J., 1950-1954, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Hubard, William S., 1970-1979, Roanoke, VA

Hughes, Robert Morton, 1893-1918, BOV President 1905-1906, Rector 1906-1918, Norfolk, VA

Hull, Roger, 1970-1974, New York, NY

Humelsine, Carlisle, 1986-1989, Williamsburg, VA

Hurt, Joseph Mettauer, 1910-1918, Blackstone, VA

Hutchens, Charles, K., 1960-1968, Newport News, VA

Hutcheson, Charles Sterling, 1928-1934, 1962-1967, Rector 1962-1963, Boydton, VA

Hutcheson, Herbert Farrar, 1918


Innes, James, 1782, York Co, VA


James, E. Ralph, 1966-1970, Hampton, VA

Jebo, Jerry K., class of 1967, 1981-1985, Secretary 1982-1984, Vice-Rector 1984-1985, Radford, VA

Jefferson, Thomas, 1779, Albemarle Co, VA

Johns, Dr. Rev. John (1796-1876), 1854, 1859, Fairfax, VA

Johnson, John R. L., Jr., 1970-1978, Vice-Rector 1974-1976, Rector 1976-1978,Chadds Ford, PA

Johnston, (Gen.) Joseph Eggleston, 1878-(1888)-1891, Richmond, VA

Jones, Emmanuel, c. 1716-1726, Williamsburg, VA

Jones, Warner Trockmorton, 1873-(1888)-1891, Gloucester Co, VA

Jordan, James Robert, 1908-1920, Smithfield, VA

Jost, Paul C., 1998-2004, Class of 1976, Williamsburg, VA


Kane, Isaac Patrick, 1911-1918, Gate City, VA

Kelly, Herbert V., 1976-1984, Rector 1982-1984, Newport News, VA

Kennon, Richard, c. 1729, Charles City Co, VA

Kilbourne, James E., 1972-1979, Petersburg, VA

Kinnamon, Jeanne S.(Mrs. Gilbert T.), 1982-1986, Williamsburg, VA

Koons, Joseph R., 1984-1993, Class of 1968, McLean, VA


Lamb, James C., 1897-1903, Richmond, VA

Lamb, (Col.)William, 1867-(1888)-1906, Norfolk, VA

Lancaster, Dabney S., 1940-1946, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Lane, Levin Winder, Jr., Secretary to the Board 1902-1906 and 1909-1928, (not believed to be an official board member)

Lawson, John W. (Dr.), 1878-(1888)-1905, Smithfield, VA

Lear (or Leare), John, 1693, Nansemond Co,(an extinct county,it was merged into Suffolk), VA

LeClair, Gary D., 1998-2002, Class of 1777, Richmond, VA

Lee, Dr.Arthur, 1767, 1792, Westmoreland Co, VA

Lee, Henry, 1792, Westmoreland Co, VA

Lee, Richard Henry, 1784, Westmoreland Co, VA

Lee, William, 1800, James City Co, VA

Lewis, George W., 1858-1866, Westmoreland Co, VA

Lewis, Warner, 1777, Gloucester Co, VA

Lightfoot, William, 1758, Sandy Point, Charles City Co, VA

Lowe, Otto, 1942-1948, Cape Charles, VA

Loyall, George, 1842, Norfolk, VA

Ludwell, Philip,(II) c. 1716, James City Co, VA

Ludwell, Philip,(III) 1758, James City Co, VA

Lyons, James, 1844, Rector 1871-1872, 1874-1875, 1877-1878, 1882, Richmond, VA


McCandlish, Robert, 1826-1837, Williamsburg, VA

McClanahan, Elizabeth Anne, 1998-2002, Class of 1980, Vice-Rector 2001, Abingdon, VA

McCormack, Mark H., 2002-2006, Class of 1951, Windermere, FL

MacFarland, William H., 1848, 1859-1866, Richmond, VA

McGlothlin, James W., 1984-1993, Class of 1962, Bristol, VA

McKenny, Shephard W., 1992-1996, Class of 1962, Drayden, MD

Macon, William H., 1814-1817, New Kent Co, VA

McWaters, Jeffrey L., 2002-present, Virginia Beach, VA

Madison, James, 1779, Orange County, VA

Magill, Susan, 1997-2006, Rector 2005-2006, (the second woman to hold the position of Rector; Women at the College of William and Mary) Alexandria, VA

Mann, Horace Edward III, 1978-1981, Class of 1977, Richmond, VA

Mapp, George Walter, 1922-1941, Rector 1940-1941, Vice-Rector 1924-1926 & 1934-1930, Accomac Co, VA

Marrow, Henry Franklin, 1946-1954, Hampton, VA

Marshall, John, 1790, Fauquier Co, VA

Martin, Thomas, 1833, James City Co, VA

Mason, Aubrey L., 1976-1983, Lynchburg, VA

Mason, Walter G., 1962-1970, Secretary 1966-1968, Rector 1968-1970, Lynchburg, VA

Massey, John E., 1889-1893, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ricmond, VA

Matthews, Suzann W., Secretary 2006-present, McLean, VA

May, David, 1853, 1859, Petersburg, VA

Mayo, (Col.)Robert M., 1888-1896, Westmoreland Co, VA

Meade, Richard K., 1847, Petersburg, VA

Meade, Rev. William, 1848, Clarke Co, VA

Mercer, John C., 1844, Williamsburg, VA

Metz, Lulu D., 1924-1942, (McManaway, Mrs. Norman T., 1943-1952), Manassas, VA

Miller, Francis Pickens, 1941-1946, Fairfax, VA

Miller, G. Tyler, 1946-1949, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Millson, John S., 1844, Norfolk, VA

Milner, Thomas, 1693, Nansemond Co, VA

Minnigerode, Rev. Charles Frederick Ernest, 1878-(1888)-1893, Richmond, VA

Mirguet, William F. Jr., 1994-1998, Class of 1962, Newport News, VA

Mitchell, J. Douglas, 1922-1938, Walkerton, VA

Monroe, James, c. 1802, Loudoun Co, VA

Montague, Robert L., 1870-1874, Middlesex Co, VA

Montgomery, Joseph William, 1995-1999, Williamsburg, VA

Moore, R. Walton, 1897-1906, Fairfax, VA

Moore, Bishop Richard C., 1817, Richmond, VA

Morecock, W. H. E., Secretary to the Board 1889-1890 (not believed to be an official board member)

Munford, Beverly Bland, 1888-1909, Richmond

Munford, Mary Cooke Branch (Mrs. Beverly Bland), 1920-1925, first woman member of BOV, Richmond, VA Women at the College of William and Mary

Murdaugh, Rev. E. C., 1866, Prince George Co, VA

Murray, James B. Jr., Class of 1974, 1991-1996, Vice-Rector 1993-1996, Keene, VA

Murray, John, Earl of Dunmore, 1772, Williamsburg, VA


Nelson, Hugh, 1791, York Co, VA

Nelson, Hugh, 1818, Albemarle Co, VA

Nelson, Robert, 1808, Williamsburg, VA

Nelson, Thomas, 1758, York Co, VA

Nelson, Thomas Jr., 1770, York Co, VA

Nelson, (Gen.) Thomas, 1777, York Co, VA

Nelson, Thomas, 1800, York Co, VA

Nelson, William, 1758, 1769, York Co, VA

Nelson, William, 1791, York Co, VA

Nelson, William, 1792, Charles City Co, VA

Newton, Blake T. Jr., 1966-1974, Vice-Rector 1972-1974, New York, N. Y.

Newton, Willoughby, 1848, Westmoreland Co, VA

Nicholas, Robert Carter, 1761-1763, Williamsburg, VA

Nicholson, Francis, 1693, Williamsburg, VA


Obici, A., 1934-1942, Suffolk, VA

O'Brien, William Ryland "Buster", 1978-1979, Virginia Beach, VA

Osborne, Charles F., 1833, Petersburg, VA

Osborne, Nathaniel M., 1851, 1859-1866, Prince George Co, VA


Page, Gabriella, 1925-1940, Richmond, VA

Page, John, 1764, Gloucester Co, VA

Page, Gov. John Jr., 1768, Rosewell, Gloucester Co, VA

Page, John, 1827-1837, Rector 1831, Williamsburg, VA

Page, Mann, 1758, 1769, Rosewell, Gloucester Co, VA

Page, Mann, 1788, Spotsylvania Co, VA

Page, Mann Jr., 1800, Gloucester Co, VA

Page, Matthew, 1693, Gloucester Co, VA

Paschall, Davis Young, 1957-1960 (Ex-Officio), (State Superintendent of Public Instruction), Richmond, VA

Patten, Donald N., 1999-2003, Rector 2001-2004, Newport News, VA

Peachy, Thomas G., 1833-1837, Williamsburg, VA

Peachy, William S., 1866, Williamsburg, VA

Peebles, Anne Dobie, 1974-1987, Vice-Rector 1982-1984, Rector, 1984-1987, Carson, VA first woman rector on BOV Women at the College of William and Mary

Pierce, Carroll, 1918-1922, Alexandria, VA

Plumeri, Joseph J. II, Class of 1966, Scotch Plains, NJ

Pollard, John Garland, 1934-1937, Washington, D.C.

Pollard, John Garland Jr., 1948-1956, Somers, VA

Poston, Anita, Law School Class of 1974, 2003-2011, Norfolk, VA

Powell, Michael K., Class of 1985, 2005-present, Rector 2006-present, Fairfax Station, VA

Powell, Elsie (Mrs. Victor Powell)(Mrs. George Williams), 1972-1976, Annandale, VA

Prentis, Joseph, 1791, Williamsburg, VA

Prentis, Joseph Jr., 1824, Williamsburg, VA

Pryor, John C., 1816-1837, Hampton, VA


Ramsey, Harold Winfrey, 1946-1954, Vice-Rector 1952-1954, Secretary 1950-1952, Rocky Mount, VA

Randolph, Beverley, 1784, Cumberland Co, VA

Randolph, Edmund, 1777, Williamsburg, VA

Randolph, John, c. 1723, Tazewell Hall, Williamsburg, VA

Randolph, Peter, 1761-1763, Chatwsorth, Henrico Co, VA

Randolph, Peyton, 1758, 1969, Williamsburg VA

Randolph, Richard, 1770, Curls, Henrico Co, VA

Randolph, William, 1693, Henrico Co

Randolph, William, 1723-1726, Chatsworth, Henrico Co, VA

Ravenscroft, Bishop John Stark(1772-1830), 1821, Brunswick Co, VA

Roberson, Robert S., 1999-2003, Class of 1973, Newport News, VA

Roberts, A. Addison, 1977-1986, Philadelphia, PA

Roberts, Austin Leonard III, 1995-1999, Secretary 1996-1999, Class of 1971, Kilmarnock, VA

Robertson, James M., 1951-1961, Norfolk, VA

Robertson, Walter Spencer, 1952-1954, 1962-1970, Richmond, VA

Robertson, William, 1723-1726, Williamsburg, VA

Robins, William, 1828-1827, Gloucester Co, VA

Robinson, Charles, 1761-1763

Robinson, Christopher, 1693, Middlesex Co, VA

Robinson, John, 1723-1726, King and Queen Co, VA

Robinson, William, 1761-1763, King and Queen Co, VA

Ruffin, Edmund, 1833-1837, Prince George Co, VA


Sands, George D., 1970-1978, Williamsburg, VA

Saunders, Robert, 1800-1817, Williamsburg, VA

Savage, William R. Jr., 1966-1970, Suffolk, VA

Scarborough, Charles, 1693, Accomack Co, VA

Schlagenhauf, Jeffrey Lloyd, 1998-2002, Class of 1980, Woodbridge, VA

Schofield, Regina B., 1997-2001, Alexandria, VA

Schroeder, L. Clifford, 2000-2004, Richmond, VA

Scott, Edward P., 1848, 1859-1866, Greensville Co, VA

Scott, Robert G., 1814-1837, Richmond VA

Seawell, Machen Boswell, 1877, Gloucester, VA

Seawell (or Seawall), John B., 1808-1837, Gloucester, VA

Semple, James, 1803, 1817, Williamsburg, VA

Shackleford, George S. Jr., 1940-1948, Roanoke, VA

Shell, John E., 1845, Brunswick Co, VA

Shewmake, Oscar L., 1919-1921, 1940-1952, Rector 1949-1952, Vice Rector 1946-1948, Richmond, VA

Shield, J. Asa, 1958-1966, Richmond, VA

Simpkins, Edward P. Jr., 1954-1962, Richmond, VA

Skaife, John, 1723-1726, Gloucester Co, VA

Skipwith, Henry, 1814, Williamsburg, VA

Skladney, Linda Arey 1994-1998, Class of 1966, Alexandria, VA

Smith, Henry B., Secretary to the Board 1892-1902 (not believed to be an official board member)

Smith, John (or Jon), 1693, Gloucester Co, VA

Smith, John H., 1812, King and Queen Co, VA

Smith, Shawn M., 2001-2002, Class of 1995, Richmond, VA (acting as voting member of Board since July 2001 appointment but General Assembly had not officially confirmed, removed by General Assembly February 2002)

Smith, Sydney, 1877, Williamsburg, VA

Smith, Thomas G., 1814-1817, Middlesex Co, VA

Smith, William Daniel, 1906-1911, Gate City, VA

Snyder, Harry L., 1970-1974, Virginia Beach, VA

Somerville, S. P., 1906-1910, Richmond, VA

Southall, Joseph W., 1897-1898,1905-1906, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Amelia, VA

Spencer, Robert Lee, 1922-1926, Williamsburg, VA

Spong, William B., 1992-1996, Dean, Portsmouth, VA

Spotswood, Governor Alexander, 1723, Williamsburg, VA

Stanard, Robert, 1824, Richmond, VA

Stanley, Thomas B., 1964-1971, Stanleytown, VA

Stearnes, R. C., 1912-1913, 1915-1916, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Richmond, VA

Stepherson, Percy S., Secretary to the Board 1890-1892 (not believed to be an official board member)

Stettinius, Edward R. Jr., 1940, Rapidan, VA

Stiff, Dr. Frank W., 1924-1928, Centre Cross, VA

Storm, Harriet Nachman, 1979-1988, Secretary of the Board 1987-1988, Hampton, VA

Stringfellow, Charles S., 1869, Petersburg, VA

Stuart, David, 1790, Fairfax Co, VA

Stuart, Henry C., 1898-1906, Elk Garden, VA

Stubbs, James New, 1888-1919, Vice-President 1890-1906, Vice-Rector 1906-1919, Wood's X Roads, Gloucester Co, VA

Swanson, John C., 1968-1972, Danville, VA


Taliaferro, (General) William Booth, 1870-(1888)-1899, Rector 1890-1899, Gloucester Co, VA

Taliaferro, William Churchill Lyons, 1903-1918, Hampton, VA

Tayloe, Edward T., 1851, 1859-1866, King George Co, VA

Taylor, Robert B., 1824, Norfolk, VA

Taylor, Tazewell, 1849, 1859-1866, Norfolk, VA

Tazewell, Henry, 1786, James City Co, VA

Tazewell, Littleton W., 1800-1817, Norfolk, VA

Tazewell, William, 1800, Williamsburg, VA

Temple, T. Edward, 1956-1964, Danville, VA

Terry, Wallace H., 1989-1994, Alexandria, VA

Thacker, C., 1761-1763, Gloucester Co, VA

Thomas, John Charles, 2006-2009, Richmond, VA

Thompson, Philip Montague, 1869-(1888)-1893, Williamsburg, VA

Thornton, J. B. T., 1903-1906, Price William Co, VA

Tillett, Ronald L., 2001-2003, Midlothian, VA

Trammell, Jeffery B., 2005-2009, Class of 1973, Washington, DC

Trapnell, William H., 1972-1973, (died Aug. 12, 1973), Richmond, VA

Travis, Champion, 1800, Jamestown, James City Co, VA

Tuck, Governor William Munford, 1950, South Boston, VA

Tucker, Rev. Beverly D., 1897-1908, Norfolk, VA

Tucker, Henry Thompson Jr., 1978-1989, Vice Rector 1987-1989, Secretary of the Board 1984-1987, Chicago, IL

Tucker, John H. Jr., 1984-1993, Norfolk, VA

Tucker, St. George, 1788, Williamsburg, VA

Tyler, David Gardiner, 1877-(1888)-1906, Sturgeon Point, Charles City Co, VA

Tyler(Sr), Governor John(1747-1813), 1804, Charles City Co, VA (father of US Pres.Tyler)

Tyler, John, Class of 1807, Appointed: 1814, Rector 1859-1859,Chancellor 1859-1862, (President of the United States), Charles City Co, Va

Tyler, Samuel, 1804, Rector 1806, Charles City Co, VA


Ukrop, Barbara B.,2001-2009, Class of 1961, Richmond, VA

Ukrop, James E., 1985-1993, Secretary 1988-1993, Class of 1960, Richmond, VA

Upshur, Abel P., 1830, Northampton, VA


Vaden, Robert C., 1942-1952, Gretna, VA

Vergara, James J., 1992-1996, Class of 1969, Hopewell, VA


Waller, Raymond T., 1976-1984, Richmond, VA

Waller, Robert P. , 1800, Williamsburg, VA

Ware, Henry Hudnall, Jr., William and Mary student 1918-1919; BOV 1950-1958, 1960-1968, Vice-Rector 1954-1958, Richmond, VA

Watkins, Hays T., 1984-1993, Rector 1987-1993, Vice-Rector 1985-1987, Richmond, VA

Watkins, John D., 1824, New Kent Co, VA

Welford, Dr. A. N., 1870, Richmond Co, VA

West, Francis T., 1994-2002, Secretary 2000-2001, Martinsville, VA

Wilkerson, Woodrow W., 1960-1966, Richmond, VA

Wilkins, Harry D., 1968-1972, Eastville, VA

Williams, Samuel Walker, 1915-1921, Bland Co, VA

Willis, Francis, 1761, Gloucester Co, VA

Wilson, John Archer, 1920-1940, Roanoke, VA

Wingfield, Rev. John Henry Ducachet, 1871, Petersburg, VA

Wirt, William, 1804, Charles City Co, VA

Wise, Henry A., 1848, 1859, Accomack Co, VA

Wolf, Henry, 2003-present, Vice-Rector 2006-present, Class of 1964, Norfolk, VA

Woodbridge, George, 1851, 1859, Richmond, VA

Woodward, J. B. Jr., 1960-1966, Rector 1964-1966, Vice-Rector 1962-1963, Newport News, VA

Wormeley (or Wormeley), Ralph, 1693, Middlesex Co, VA

Wormeley (or Wormeley), Ralph, 1775, Middlesex Co, VA

Wythe, George, 1761-1763, Williamsburg, VA


Yates, Bartholomew, 1723, Williamsburg, VA

Yates, Rev. Bartholomew, 1764-1766, Williamsburg, VA


Zable, Walter J., 1992-2000, Class of 1937, San Diego, CA

Zollinger, J. E., 1966-1976, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2008-2009 Board of Visitors


Michael K. Powell '85, D.P.S. '02, Rector, Fairfax Station, VA

Henry C. Wolf '64, J.D. '66, Vice Rector, Norfolk, VA

Suzann W. Matthews '71, Secretary, McLean, VA


Charles A. Banks, Gloucester, VA

Janet M. Brashear '82, Virginia Beach, VA

Colin G. Campbell, Williamsburg, VA

Thomas E. Capps, Richmond, VA

Timothy P. Dunn ’83 Fauquier County, VA

John Gerdelman '75, McLean, VA

Sarah Gore '56, Newark, DE

R. Philip Herget III, Alexandria, VA

Anita Poston J.D. '74, Norfolk, VA

Robert E. Scott J.D. ’68, New York, NY

John Charles Thomas, Richmond, VA

Jeffery B. Trammell '73, Washington, DC

Barbara B. Ukrop '61, Richmond, VA

2007-2008 Board of Visitors


Michael K. Powell '85, D.P.S. '02, Rector, Fairfax Station, VA

Henry C. Wolf '64, J.D. '66, Vice Rector, Norfolk, VA

Suzann W. Matthews '71, Secretary, McLean, VA


Charles A. Banks, Gloucester, VA

Robert A. Blair '68, Washington, DC

Janet M. Brashear '82, Virginia Beach, VA

Thomas E. Capps, Richmond, VA

John Gerdelman '75, McLean, VA

Sarah Gore '56, Newark, DE

R. Philip Herget III, Alexandria, VA

Kathy Y. Hornsby, '79, Williamsburg, VA

Jeffrey L. McWaters, Virginia Beach, VA

Joseph J. Plumeri II '66, Scotch Plains, NJ

Anita Poston J.D. '74, Norfolk, VA

John Charles Thomas, Richmond, VA

Jeffery B. Trammell '73, Washington, DC

Barbara B. Ukrop '61, Richmond, VA

2007-2008 Faculty Representatives

Colleen S. Kennedy, College of William and Mary

Roger E. Franklin, Jr., Richard Bland College

2007-2008 Student Representatives

Zachary B. Pilchen, College of William and Mary

Yvonne M. Rosa, Richard Bland College

2006-2007 Board of Visitors


Michael K. Powell '85, D.P.S. '02, Rector, Fairfax Station, VA

Henry Wolf '64, J.D. '66, Vice Rector, Norfolk, VA

Suzann W. Matthews '71, Secretary, McLean, VA


Alvin P. Anderson '70, J.D. '72, Williamsburg, VA

Charles A. Banks, Gloucester, VA

Robert A. Blair '68, Washington, DC

Janet M. Brashear '82, Virginia Beach, VA

Thomas E. Capps, Richmond, VA

John Gerdelman '75, McLean, VA

Sarah Gore '56, Newark, DE

R. Philip Herget III, Alexandria, VA

Jeffrey L. McWaters, Virginia Beach, VA

Joseph J. Plumeri II '66, Scotch Plains, NJ

Anita Poston J.D. '74, Norfolk, VA

John Charles Thomas, Richmond, VA

Jeffery B. Trammell '73, Washington, DC

Barbara B. Ukrop '61, Richmond, VA

2006-2007 Faculty Representatives

Colleen Kennedy, College of William and Mary Roger Franklin, Richard Bland College

2006-2007 Student Representatives

Ryan M. Scofield, College of William and Mary

Joell Christodonte, Richard Bland College

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