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Barrett Hall is located at the eastern intersection of Jamestown Road and Landrum Drive (formerly Old Campus Drive). It was named for Kate Waller Barrett, a member of the Board of Visitors and Phi Beta Kappa. It was used as a women's dormitory until the start of the 2005-2006 school year, when it was converted to a co-ed dormitory.

Construction on Barrett Hall began in 1926 and ended in 1927 with an estimated cost of $212,000. The College had a contract with J.T. Nuckols of Richmond, Virginia, and Charles M. Robinson, the College Architect, made the designs for the dormitory.

1926--under Noel Act, certificates on indebtedness issued for $400,000 to build two dormitories. Girl's dorm to be called Kate Waller Barrett Hall (BofV, March, p. 126).

  • Contract to J.T. Nuckols, Richmond (BofV, August, p. 144).
  • Charles M. Robinson, College architect.
  • Construction started (FH, 9/24/1926, 5.)

1927--12 bedrooms on first floor, 72 bedrooms on second and third floors, Parlor No. 1, first floor, east wing--17' x 30'; parlor No. 2, first floor, west wind, 17' x 30'; Literary Society Hall No. 1, first floor, east wing, 17' x 48'; YWCA and Student Government Room, first floor, west wing, 17' x 48'; student council office, first floor, west wing 17' x 17', reception room for guests, first floor, east side, 14' x 17'; 3 visitors' guest rooms, first floor 17' x 11'. Estimated cost, $212,000 (J.A.C. Chandler to W.A.R Goodwin, Jan. 5, 1927, Chandler Papers 1982.45, Budget--Barrett).

1928--J. Lesslie Hall Literary Society to have meeting room, 1927/28 (FH, 1/14/1927, 7).

1932--YWCA opens modern library in Y room, books rented for 3 cents per day (FH, 2/27/1931, 3).

1945--Chinese Room opened in west living room, presented by Mrs. Alice Aberdeen, displaying Chinese Art Objects (FH, 2/21/1945, 7).

March 1956--Chinese Room (Flat Hat)

September 1956--Chinese Room (Flat Hat)

1966--Brick wall surrounding entrance on corner Campus Drive and Jamestown Road torn down during Christmas recess (FH, 1/13/1967, 6).

1969--Chinese Room partitioned to ease housing overflow (FH, 9/12/1969, 3).

PHOTOGRAPHS: 1928--Colonial Echo, p. 20 1931--Colonial Echo, p. 17 1955--Colonial Echo, p. 233 (Chinese Room) 1972--Renovation, summer (BofV, Sept. 22--23, p. 400).


University Archives Buildings File (2007). Barrett Hall. Earl Gregg Swem Library, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.