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First known Asian American student at William and Mary

Arthur A. (Art) Matsu - Matsu (cl' 1928) is generally believed to be the first Asian American student to attend the College of William and Mary. Matsu was half Japanese. Matsu played back and kicked punts for the College's football team. The Catalogue of Alumni and Alumnae (1932) lists Matsu's home as Wickliffe, Ohio and his occupation as coach at Rutgers University. In the March 22, 1947, issue of The Flat Hat Matsu is described as a "backfield mentor at another of the Northern schools." Matsu was selected in balloting for the all-time William and Mary football team.[1] See also stories about the football team in 1925 and 1926 in The Flat Hat and the Colonial Echo.

Early Asian American Students

List in-progress

Hatsuye Yamasaki – Entered the College in 1933 and graduated in 1937. During her time at the College, Yamasaki was part of the Judicial Council and the Women's Sophomore Tribunal. She was also Brown Hall President, Spanish Club Secretary, an Intramural Sports Representative, and on the Indian Handbook staff. Yamasaki hailed from Washington DC. See the 1937 The Colonial Echo page 86-87.

Beatrice H. Fujiwara Sakai of Honolulu, Hawaii entered the College in 1949 and graduated in 1953, majoring in biology. She was a member of the Biology Club. See The Flat Hat of April 24, 1951, page 7. See also the Colonial Echo.

Early Asian Students

This list is not comprehensive, but is simply a sample at this point

  • Asgnar Ali from Pakistan, see the October 7, 1952 issue of The Flat Hat
  • Ed Sung from Hong Kong, see the October 6, 1959 issue of The Flat Hat
  • Leona Sung from Hong Kong, sister of Ed Sung, see the September 22, 1961 issue of The Flat Hat
  • Olivia and Isabella Lam from Hong Kong, see the March 30, 1962 issue of The Flat Hat

Student organizations

Review the Student Organizations Collection, University Archives Subject File Collection, the Colonial Echo, and The Flat Hat for other organizations.

Asian-American Student Conference

Asian Student Council

Asian Student Union

Chinese Students Association

East Asian Studies Association

Filipino American Student Association (FASA)

Focus on Asian Cultures Emerging in Society (FACES)

Indian Cultural Association

Indonesian Gamelan

Japanese Cultural Association

Korean-American Student Association (KASA)

South Asia Society

South Asian Student Association (SASA)

South-South East Asian Society (SSEAS)

Early Faculty and Staff

List In-progress

Dr. Satoshi Ito, Professor Emeritus of Sociology (1965-2002)

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