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== Add ==
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*Students: adding box and folder lists from Word documents where inventories are 10 pages or less.
**University Archives completed 11/07 -- many still need to be checked by a staff member; when they are move to completed folder on network drive and delete reference to PDF from the record in Archo.)
**-MSS begun 11/07
*Students: cleaning up box and folder lists in Word docs where inventories are more than 10 pages.
== Clean Up ==
*Standardize Manuscripts call numbers
*Review all MSS entries
*Donald Davis Papers: add inventories from boxes 6-end
*Checking MSS entries and deleting, revising entries from Access database
*Review all entries created for University Archives since 2007: in progress since 2007
*Check old Archives locations spreadsheet (for accessions) against records in Archon: WJK began this in January 2008, to be continued
*Revise and update Classifications used for university records: review after all entries for University Archives are cleaned up
*Clean-up subject headings - part of cataloging project?
*bulk up warning messages when anything is to be deleted idealling including a statment about the results such as: "You are about to delete 9,873 folders. Are you sure?"
*Show all collections when backing out of finding aid when searching
==Features Wishlist==
*web disable individual series, subseries, boxes, folders, items, etc.
*increased accessions module: track accession numbers independently of collection/collection numbers; repeatable accession fields (date, source, etc.)
*location/use tracking and reports
*it would be great to be able to hit the back key when you're looking at a collection and have it go to the detailed results list rather than to the initial search results page
*from a user point of view, it's very frustrating that if you have more than 100 search results in a specific category, only the first 100 are displayed and there's no way to make the rest display
*from a user point of view, I love having a cart but I wish the items in the cart would display collection numbers. I guess that's because we don't have the collection numbers display in the regular display, either. I end up having to handwrite the collection numbers on the printout of my cart.  It would also be great to have the option to display the collection description in the cart, but I don't want to be greedy. . . .
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