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The Alumni Medallion is awarded to distinguished alumni each Charter Day at the College of William and Mary. The Alumni Medallion was first awarded by the Alumni Association in 1934.

"The Alumni Medallion is the highest award the William and Mary Alumni Association can bestow on a graduate of the College of William and Mary. Each year, the Alumni Association honors the recipients with a ceremony at the Sadler Center, and the recipients also process during Charter Day Ceremonies in front of classmates, family, faculty and the College community."[1] All who are on this list are recognized for their professional accomplishments, leadership, dedication to the community, and commitment to their alma mater.

Alumni Medallion Recipients

The complete list is available from the Alumni Association.

List here is in progress

1955 Arthur Briggs Hanson, class of 1939

1955 Ralph Kermit Thomas Larson, class of 1928

1956 C. Sterling Hutcheson, class of 1917

1956 Blake Tyler Newton, class of 1911

1956 Robert Edward Henley, class of 1906

1957 Alvin Duke Chandler, class of 1922

1957 Paul Neyron Derring, class of 1917

1958 Robert DeBlois Calkins,Jr., class of 1925

1959 James Moody Robertson, class of 1929

1959 Theodore Roosevelt Dalton, class of 1924

1959 Otwell Sykes Lowe, class of 1923

1960 Jay Wilfred Lambert, class of 1927

1960 Suzanne Garrett Montague, class of 1925

1961 Roy Randolph Charles, class of 1932, LLD 1975

1961 Lawrence Warren I'Anson, class of 1928

1962 Edward Nelson Islin, class of 1925

1962 Arthur J. Winder, class of 1925

1962 James Asa Shield, class of 1924

1963 Edward Zollinger, class of 1927, Board of Visitors 1966-1976

1963 John Rochelle Lee Johnson, Jr., class of 1928

1963 Charles William Cleaton, class of 1926

1963 Rolfe Ewing Kennard, class of 1924

1964 James Sands Kelly, class of 1951

1964 Davis Young Paschall, class of 1932

1964 William Edward Pullen, class of 1922

1965 R. William Arthur, class of 1938

1965 J. Bruce Bredin, class of 1936

1966 George J. Oliver, class of 1931

1966 Henry Irving Willett, class of 1925

1966 James Glenn Driver, class of 1909

1967 Aubrey Leonidas Mason, class of 1947

1967 Ann Hitch Kilgore, class of 1944

1967 William Munford Tuck, class of 1919

1967 William Stirling King, class of 1926

1968 R. Harvey Chappell, Class of 1948

1968 Blake Tyler Newton, Jr., class of 1935

1968 John W. Tuthill, class of 1932

1968 Harry Day Wilkins, class of 1924

1969 Anne Dobie Peebles, class of 1944

1969 Virginia Forwood Pate, class of 1940

1969 Frank Snowden Hopkins, class of 1927

1970 Dixon Littleberry Foster, class of 1944

1970 Robert Stanley Hornsby, class of 1941

1970 Aubrey Addison Roberts, class of 1935

1970 William Walker Cowles, class of 1926

1970 John Boyd Bentley, class of 1919

1971 Walter J. Zable, class of 1937

1971 Gregory G. Lagakos, class of 1935

1971 Janet Coleman Kimbrough, class of 1921

1971 John Thomas Baldwin, Jr., class of 1932

1971 Earl Benton Broadwater, class of 1918

1972 Alphonse F. Chestnut, class of 1941

1972 Jack Eric Morpurgo, class of 1938

1972 Mills Edwin Godwin, class of 1936

1972 Elizabeth Burger Jackson, class of 1934

1972 Thomas Glenn McCaskey, Class of 1931

1973 H. Westcott Cunningham, class of 1943

1973 Emil O. Johnson, class of 1934

1973 H. Caskie Stinnett, class of 1932

1973 Robert A. Dunca, III, class of 1924

1974 John Nichols Dalton, class of 1953

1974 Guy Wilson Daugherty, class of 1934

1975 Charles Eugene Stousland, Jr., class of 1941

1975 Paul Hawkins Gantt, class of 1942

1975 Dorothy Baynham Wilkinson Campbell, class of 1925

1975 James Campbell, Jr., class of 1925

1976 Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., class of 1976

1976 Pam Pauly Chinnis, class of 1946

1976 Charles L. Quittmeyer, class of 1940

1981 Harriet Nachman Storm, class of 1964

1984 John Henry Garrett, Jr., class of 1940

2009 Sarah Kemp Brady, class of 1964

2009 Lynn Melzer Dillon, class of 1975

2009 Henry H. George, class of 1965

2009 Harrison R. Tyler, class of 1949

2009 Sunshine Trumbo Williams, class of 1944

2010 Waverly M. Cole, class of 1950

2010 W. Samuel Sadler, class of 1964; M.Ed., 1971

2010 Nicholas J. St. George, class of 1960; B.C.L., 1965

2010 Earl L. Young, class of 1959

2011 Sue Hanna Gerdelman, class of 1976

2011 Rene A Henry, class of 1954

2011 Marilyn Ward Midyette, class of 1975

2011 J. Robert Mooney, class of 1966

2011 Michael K. Powell, class of 1985

2012 Joe Agee, class of 1952; M.ED. class of 1956

2012 Ruth Tillar, class of 1945

2012 Hank Wolf, class of 1964; J.D. class of 1966

2013 D. Bruce Christian, class of 1973

2013 Nancy Wonnell Mathews, class of 1976

2013 Donald G. Owens, class of 1965, J.D. class of 1971

2014 James Comey, class of 1982, LL.D. class of 2008

2014 Gary LeClair, class of 1977

2014 Joyce House Shields, class of 1964

2015 Elizabeth 'Betty' L. Anderson, class of 1962

2015 Russell E Brown, Jr., class of 1974 (posthumously)

2015 Virginia L McLaughlin, class of 1971

2015 Martin D Walsh, class of 1966, JD, class of 1973

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