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*''Virginia Magazine of History and Biography'', Richmond, Va. Virginia Historical Society.
*''Virginia Magazine of History and Biography'', Richmond, Va. Virginia Historical Society.
*William and Mary Archives Board of Visitors card file.
*William and Mary Archives Board of Visitors card file.
*''"Education in Colonial Virginia Part V: Influence of William and Mary College'' in ''William and Mary Quarterly'', edited by Lyon G. Tyler. Vol. 7, 1st Series, pg. 1-9.  
*''Education in Colonial Virginia Part V: Influence of William and Mary College'' in ''William and Mary Quarterly'', edited by Lyon G. Tyler. Vol. 7, 1st Series, pg. 1-9.  
*''Zachary Taylor: Soldiers of the Republic'', by Holman Hamilton. Archon Books, 1996.
*''Zachary Taylor: Soldiers of the Republic'', by Holman Hamilton. Archon Books, 1996.

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This wiki page about Alumni of the College of William and Mary is a work in progress with information added as staff finds and/or compiles information in response to inquiries. The Students page also provides frequently requested information and the list of SCRC Wiki entries categorized as about Students may also be of interest.

Lists of Alumni

A Provisional List of Alumni, Grammar School Students, Members of the Faculty, and Members of the Board of Visitors of the College of William and Mary in Virginia, from 1693 to 1888

The Catalogue of the Alumni and Alumnae For the Years 1866-1932

Notable Alumni By the Numbers

Governors of Virginia: 21

Governors of other States: 15

US Representatives from Virginia: 85

US Senators from Virginia: 36

Speakers of the US House of Representatives: 3

US Secretary of State: 4

US Supreme Court Justices: 4 (including one Chief Justice)

Conducting research about William and Mary Alumni and Students

There are two listings of William & Mary alumni frequently used to determine if and the dates individuals attended William & Mary. They are the Provisional List of Alumni...1693-1888 and the [http://hdl.handle.net/10288/1188 Catalogue of the Alumni and Alumnae For the Years 1866-1932].

For more in-depth information than simply dates attended, we encourage all researchers to begin their searching of the SCRC's collections at our Finding Materials page as it provides an overview of the various means of searching our collections. I would especially encourage you to review the SCRC Collections Database for finding aids/inventories to collections which may be useful in your research.

Another resource on the page is a guide to genealogy and local history material in the SCRC. It includes suggestions for not only collections in the SCRC, but also databases and other websites. We are working on a new guide specifically for those researching topics related to William & Mary; researchers will find the "People & Groups" tab of particular use.



Thomas Jefferson 1762, LL.D 1783, author of the Declaration of Independence, first Secretary of State, second Governor of Virginia, third President of the United States and founder of the University of Virginia

James Monroe 1776, fifth President of the United States, 12th Governor of Virginia, architect of the Monroe Doctrine

John Tyler 1807, tenth President of the United States and former Chancellor of the College

Vice Presidents

Thomas Jefferson

John Tyler

Supreme Court

Philip Pendleton Barbour, 1799, Associate Justice, 1836-1841; United States Speaker of the House of Representatives

John Blair, Jr., 1754, Associate Justice, 1790-1795 Wikipedia entry

John Marshall, 1780, Fourth Chief Justice of the United States, 1801-1835

Bushrod Washington, Associate Justice, 1799-1829; one of the first members of Phi Beta Kappa

Cabinet and Diplomats

George M. Bibb, U.S. Senator, Kentucky (1811-1814); 17th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (1844-1845)

John Breckinridge, sixth United States Attorney General

John J. Crittenden 1806, 16th and 23rd United States Attorney General

Robert M. Gates '65, L.H.D. 1998, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (1991-1993); Deputy National Security Adviser (1989-1991); 22nd United States Secretary of Defense (2006-2011)

Susan Morrissey Livingstone '68, Undersecretary, United States Navy

John Nelson 1811, 18th United States Attorney General

Edmund Jennings Randolph, first United States Secretary of State (1794-1795); second United States Attorney General (1789-1794)

Janet A. Sanderson '77, U.S. Ambassador to Algeria; recipient of U.S. State Department's Herbert A. Salzman Award

William Short 1779, co-founder and president of Phi Beta Kappa (1778-1781); Charge d'Affaires of the Diplomatic Mission to France; First American Career Diplomat; Minister to Spain (1793-1795)


W. W. Bibb 1796, Governor of Alabama (1805-1808)

William Bloxham 1855, Governor of Florida (1881-1885)

Gerard Brandon 1809, Governor of Mississippi (1825-1826)

William Henry Cabell 1793, Governor of Virginia (1817-1820)

William C. C. Claiborne 1790, Governor of Mississippi Territory (1801-1805), Governor of Territory of Orleans (1803-1812), Governor of Louisiana (1812-1816)

Edward Coles 1807, Governor of Illinois (1822-1826)

Richard Coke 1848, Governor of Texas (1874-1876)

John J. Crittenden 1807, Governor of Kentucky (1848-1850)

John N. Dalton '53, Governor of Virginia (1978-1982)

William Branch Giles 1781, Governor of Virginia (1827-1830)

Mills E. Godwin Jr. '34, LL.D. 1966, Governor of Virginia (1966-1970 and 1974-1978)

John Munford Gregory 1832, Governor of Virginia (1842-1843)

Benjamin Harrison V 1745, Governor of Virginia (1782-1784), member of Continental Congress, signer of U.S. Declaration of Independence, father of ninth U.S. President William Henry Harrison

David Holmes 1795, Governor of Mississippi (January 1826-July 1826)

John Francis Mercer 1775, Governor of Maryland (1801-1803), Delegate to the Continental Congress (1787); United States Representative, Maryland (1791-1794)

Andrew Jackson Montague 1874, Governor of Virginia (1802-1806)

Wilson Cary Nicholas 1779, Governor of Virginia (1814-1816)

John Page 1763, Governor of Virginia (1802-1805)

Walter R. Peterson '46, Governor of New Hampshire (1969-1973)

James Pleasants 1785, Governor of Virginia (1822-1825); U.S. Senator, Virginia (1819-1822)

John Pope 1790, Governor of the Territory of Arkansas (1829-1835), U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (1837-1843)

James Patton Preston 1773, Governor of Virginia (1816-1819)

Beverly Randolph 1772, Governor of Virginia (1788-1791)

Peyton Randolph 1739, Acting Governor of Virginia (1811-1812)

Edmund Randolph 1770, Governor of Virginia (1786-1788)

Thomas Mann Randolph Jr. 1783, Governor of Virginia (1819-1822); Colonel of the Twentieth Infantry (War of 1812); son-in-law to Thomas Jefferson (died at Monticello in 1828)

Thomas B. Robertson 1795, Governor of Louisiana(1820-1824)

Wyndham Robertson 1820, Acting Governor of Virginia (1836-1837)

William Munford Tuck 1917, LL.D. 1948, Governor of Virginia (1946-1950)

John Tyler 1807, Governor of Virginia (1825-1827)

John Tyler, Sr. 1765, Governor of Virginia (1808-1811)

Senators, Speakers, Members of Congress, and Other Government

James Frederick Almand '71, J.D. '74, member of Virginia House of Delegates (1978-2003)

Richard Clough Anderson 1805, U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (1817-1821)

William Segar Archer 1810, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1820-1835)

Archibald Atkinson 1813, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1843-49)

Michele Bachmann LLM 1988, U.S. House of Representatives, Minnesota (2007- )

Lynn Banks 1806, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1838-1841)

William Taylor Barry 1804, U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (1810-1811)

John Strode Barbour 1809, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1823-1833)

Phillip Pendleton Barbour 1802, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1814-1825, 1821-1823, 1827-1830)

Burwell Bassett 1782, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1805-1813, 1815-1819, 1821-1829)

Viola O. Baskerville 1973, current Secretary of Administration for Virginia, Former Member of Virginia House of Delegates

Herbert Bateman 1949, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1983-2000)

Thomas Hart Benton 1800, U.S. House of Representatives, Missouri (1853-1855)

Karen Beyer '91, Member, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives (2005-present)

Richard Bland, Member of Continental Congress (1774-1775); served multiple terms in House of Burgesses; Colonial rights advocate who publicly opposed England's Stamp Act

Schuyler Otis Bland 1892, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1918-1950)

Theoderic Bland 1754, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1789-1790)

Sarah Kemp Brady '64, pioneer in handgun control; wife of Jim Brady, press secretary to President Ronald Reagan

Carter Braxton 1755, signer of U.S. Declaration of Independence; member of Continental Congress; leader in the American Revolution

James Breckenridge 1785, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1809-1817)

Robert H. Brink J.D. '78, Member of Virginia House of Delegates (1998-present)

Eric Cantor J.D.'88, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (2001-present)

Robert Eugene Cook '50, U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio (1959-1963)

Steven J. Chabot ' 75, U.S. House of Representatives, Ohio (1994-present)

William C. C. Clairborne 1790, U.S. House of Representatives, Tennessee (1797-1801)

James B. Comey ' 82, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Deputy United States Attorney General (2002-2005); General Counsel of Lockheed Martin (2005-present), proscuting attorney in the Marth Stewart trial

John Jordan Crittenden 1807, U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (1861-1863)

Benjamin Williams Crowninshield 1805, U.S. House of Representatives, Massachusetts (1823-1831)

Henry A. S. Dearborn 1803, U.S. House of Representatives, Massachusetts (1831-1833)

Mark L. Earley '76, J.D. '82 , Former Attorney General, Virginia.

Oilver Walter Frey 1915, U.S. House of Representatives, Pennsylvania (1933-1939)

Joseph H. Hawkins 1807, U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (1814-1815)

John Heath, U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia (1793-1797); founding member and first president of Phi Beta Kappa in 1776

Kristy Melker Hickman J.D. '94, State Attorney General, Maryland (2006-present)

Benjamin Howard 1797, U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (1807-1810)

John Winston Jones 1813, U.S. House of Representatives (1835-1845); Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (1843-1845)

William Mallory Levy 1844, U.S. House of Representatives, Louisiana (1875-1877)

Ryan McDougle J.D. 1996, Member, Virginia House of Delegates, State Senate

William McMillan 1775, U.S. House of Representatives, Territory Northwest of the Ohio River (1800-1801)

Duane Milne 1990, Member, Pennsylvania State House of Representatives (2006-present)

William C. Mims 1979 J.D. '96, Member, Virginia House of Delegates (1992-2005)

Alan Mollohan 1966, U.S. House of Representatives, West Virginia (1982-present)

Jackson Morton 1815, U.S. Senator, Florida (1849-1855); Confederate Representative, Florida (1861-1862)

John Nelson 1811, U.S. Attorney General, (1843-1845); U.S. House of Representatives, Maryland (1821-1823)

Roger Nelson 1775, U.S. House of Representatives, Maryland (1804-1810)

John Calhoun Nicholls 1855, U.S. House of Representatives, Georgia (1979-1881, 1883-1885)

Thomas K. Norment, Jr. J.D. '73, Virginia State Senate Member

Michael K. Powell 1985, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (2001-2005); son of former Secretary of State Colin Powell; appointed Rector of College of William & Mary (2006)

Peyton Randolph, first President of Continental Congress (1774-1775); Attorney General, Virginia Colony; buried beneath the chapel of the College

Thomas Bolling Robertson 1795, U.S. House of Representatives, Louisiana (1812-1818)

Samuel T. Sawyer 1819, U.S. House of Representatives, North Carolina (1837-1839)

Charles Lewis Scott 1846, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, California (1857-1861), Minister to Venezuela (1885-1889)

Thomas A. Shannon, assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs for the U.S. Department of State

Harriett Stanley '72, member of Massachusetts State House of Representatives (2006-present)

Andrew Stevenson, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (1827-1833)

David Trimble 1799, U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky (1817-1827)

Malfourd W. Trumbo '77, J.D. '83, Former Member, Virginia House of Delegates

Dina Titus ' 70, Minority Leader, Nevada State Senate; 2006 Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Nevada

Military & Aerospace

Capt. David M. Brown '78, astronaut, surgeon and naval pilot (died aboard the space shuttle Columbia on February 1, 2003)

Maj. General James Michael Lyle '62, Former Commander of Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Lt. General David McKiernan '72, commanding general, Third U.S. Army, Coalition Forces Land Component Command in the Middle East (CENTCOM)

General Winfield Scott 1805, longest serving general in U.S. military history (1814-1861); commanded forces in War of 1812, Black Hawk War and Mexican-American War; general-in-chief of Union Army at start of the American Civil War; author of Anaconda Plan

Arts and Media

Katherine Boo, journalist; recipent of MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award" (2002); recipient of Pulitzer Prize for Public Service (2000) for her Washington Post series Invisible Lives, Invisible Deaths

Christopher Bram '74, writer, author of Father of Frankenstein which was adapted into Academy Award winning film Gods and Monsters James Branch Cabell 1898, regionalist author, favorite of Mark Twain.

Henri Cole '78, poet; poet-in-residence at William and Mary

Glenn Close '74, actress in such films as Dangerous Liasions and Fatal Attraction, the television series The Shield and stage productions such as Sunset Boulevard

Steven Culp '78, actor on such television shows as Desperate Housewives, The West Wing and JAG

Michael D'Orso '75, journalist; nominated for Pulitzer Prize; author of Like Judgement Day: The Ruin and Redemption of a Town Called Rosewood

Perry Ellis '61, fashion designer and founder of the firm Perry Ellis International

Charles Esten (Puskar) '87, actor, singer, star of TV show "Nashville". See Spring 2014 Alumni Gazette.

Kate Fleming '87, award-winning audio book narrator

John Gilstrap '79, author of thrillers Nathan's Run, Even Steven and At All Costs

Ed Grimsley '51, author of First, Let's Kill all the Humorists

Peter Frostic '01, Member of Old School Freight Train bluegrass band

Scott Glenn '63, actor in such films as The Right Stuff, Hunt for Red October, The Silence of the Lambs

Karen L. Hall '78, television writer of CBS's Judging Amy, M*A*S*H

Sheri Holman '88, best-selling novelist; author of A Stolen Tongue, The Dress Lodger and The Mammoth Cheese

Martin Jurow '32, late producer for both Broadway stage productions and film

Dick Lamb '63, radio personality and station owner in Southeastern Virginia

Linda Lavin '59, actress, Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe winner, starred on television sitcom Alice

Bill Lawrence '90, television, creator/writer of Scrubs and Spin City

William Ivey Long '69, LHD '04, costume designer, four time recipient of Tony Award

Peter Neufeld '58, Broadway Producer

Patton Oswalt '91, comedian; film and television actor on such series as The King of Queens

Andrew Pang '88, actor, on such television shows as Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Lewis Puller '67, lawyer; writer; winner of Pulitzer Prize for autobiography Fortunate Son in 1991

Jason Pollock '94, member of the band Seven Mary Three, formed at the College in 1992

H. Reid '47, author, photographer and historian

Jason Ross '95, member of the band Seven Mary Three

H. Mason Sizemore, Jr. '63, President and CEO, The Seattle Times

Joan F. Showalter '55, former Senior Vice President with CBS

Mark Stanley '78, director, New York City Ballet

Jon Stewart '84, anchor and writer of Emmy-winning television program The Daily Show; host of 2006 Academy Awards television broadcast

Audrea Topps-Harjo '88, founder of Obsidian Pictures, released Raw Intensity and Hard Candy

John C. Wright J.D. '87, author of The Golden Age trilogy and other science fiction and fantasy novels; called "this fledgling century's most important new SF talent" by Publishers Weekly

Law & Academia

Hans Christian Ackerman '97, Rhodes Scholar

Dr. Warren Wesley Buck III MS '70, Ph.D. '76, Former chancellor, University of Washington, Bothell

Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., '69, LHD '04, physician and pioneer in oncology, CEO of Yale University's Comprehensive Cancer Institute

David Ellenson '69, President of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

Joseph Ellis '65, history professor, Mount Holyoke College; author of New York Times bestseller Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation which received 2001 Pulitzer Prize

Penelope W. Kyle, M.B.A. '87, President of Radford University

Haldane Robert Mayer J.D. '71, Chief Judge of U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit, Washington, D.C. (1997-present)

William Barton Rogers, natural scientist; former Professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry at the College (1828-1835); first president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1861)

Timothy J. Sullivan '66, Former President of the College of William and Mary (1992-2005); President and CEO of the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, Va.

Rebecca Beach Smith '71, U.S. District Court Judge, Virginia (Virginia's first female federal judge)

George Edward Srour '05, Wm E. Simon Fellowship for Nobel Purpose

Henry St. George Tucker 1798, J.D. 1801, law professor at College (1801-1804); judge, Virginia Supreme Court (1824-1831); known for authoring the honor pledge in 1842 which has since be used as a model at numerous universities

Paul R. Verkuil '61, Dean, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University, Former President of the College of William and Mary (1985-1992), appointed by U.S. Supreme Court - 'Special Master' for Ellis Island Dispute

Mary Jo White '70, former U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York (1993-2002), partner at Manhattan law fim Debevoise & Plimpton (2003-present)

George Wythe, legal scholar; America's first Professor of Law, William and Mary (1769-1789); Member of Continental Congress (1775-1776); signer of U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776)


A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. '62, former managing director of Solomon Smith Barney

Jean Blackwell '76, serves Cummins, Inc. as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

J. Edward Coleman '73, CEO of Gateway, Inc.

Beth Comstock '82, President of Integrated Media for NBC Universal

Clyde E. Culp '65, Former CEO of Long John Silvers, Former CEO of Po Folks, Former President & CEO of Embassy Suites Hotel Division.

David A. Eklund ' 82, chairman of reinsurance firm Aeolus Re; previous President of Renaissance Re

Lewis Glucksman '45, the late Wall Street trader and former CEO of Lehman Brothers

Jim Kaplan '57, owner of Cornell Dubilier Electronics, the world's oldest manufacturer of electronic capacitors; endowed the College's basketball gymnasium Kaplan Arena

Raymond A. Mason ' 59, founder and CEO of investment firm Legg Mason, Inc.; namesake of William and Mary's Mason School of Business

Mark McCormack '51, sports agency pioneer, founder of International Management Group, author of bestseller What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School

Joseph J. Plumeri '66, Chairman and CEO of Willis (Insurance), namesake of William and Mary's baseball stadium, Plumeri Park

Michael F. Rogers '81, president, Investors Bank & Trust Company

Michael Sapnar '88, senior executive at reinsurance firm Transatlantic Reinsurance

James Ukrop '60, Chairman of Ukrop's Super Markets, Chairman of First Market Bank

Henry C. Wolf '64, J.D. 1966, Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman, Norfolk Southern Corporation; benefactor of Wolf Law Library at the College

Walter J. Zable '37, L.L.D. 1978, Chairman/CEO Cubic Corporation, benefactor of Zable Stadium

Sports and Athletics

Al Albert '69, M.Ed. 1971, graduate and professor/coach, one of all time winningest coaches in NCAA Soccer history

Wade Barrett '98, Major League Soccer defender, Houston Dynamo

Bill Bray '04, Relief pitcher, Cincinnati Reds

Adin Brown '00, Norwegian Premier League soccer goalkeeper, Aalesund, two-time NCAA First Team All-American (1998 & 1999)

Steve Christie '89, former National Football League placekicker, played in three Super Bowls for the Buffalo Bills

Mike "Pinball" Clemons '86, former record-holding Canadian Football League player (1989-2000); current head coach Toronto Argonauts (2001-present)

Lang Campbell '05, professional quarterback, 2004 Walter Payton Award winner

John Cannon '82, former defensive end Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1982-1989)

Lou Creekmur '50, eight-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle / guard from 1950-59 Detroit Lions, Pro Football Hall of Fame (1996)

Mark Duffner '75, current Linebackers coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Ivan Fears '76, New England Patriots running backs coach

Kip Germain '78, former professional soccer player with Washington Diplomats, Atlanta Chiefs of North American Soccer League

J. D. Gibbs '91, former NASCAR driver, President of Joe Gibbs Racing, owner #11 Fed Ex Chevrolet car

Robert Green '92, former professional football player, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears

Brendan Harris '01, infielder, Cincinnati Reds

Ron Harrison '98, former cornerback Jacksonville Jaguars

Dan Henning '64, former head coach with the Atlanta Falcons (1983-1986) and San Diego Chargers (1989-91)

Adam Hess '04, professional basketball player in Czech Republic's NBL

Brian L. Hyde '96, Olympic Athlete, 1500M

Steve Jolley '97, former Major League Soccer defender, Red Bull New York

Mark Kelso '85, former free safety with the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills - played in four straight Super Bowls with the Bills, third on Bills' all-time interception list with 30

Mike Leach '00, tight end / long snapper, Denver Broncos

Sean McDermott '98, current linebackers coach with the Philadelphia Eagles

Bud Metheny '40, M.Ed. '53, former professional baseball player with the New York Yankees (1943-46), longtime baseball coach with Old Dominion University

Rich Musinski '04, wide receiver, New England Patriots

Rob Olson ' 82, former professional soccer player with Team America of North American Soccer League

Christine Paradis '84, Former pro women's lacrosse player, Amherst College women's lacrosse head coach

Billy Parker '04, safety, Carolina Panthers

Curtis Pride '92, outfielder, Los Angeles Angels

Vic Raschi '49, former pitcher, New York Yankees (1946-1953) St. Louis Cardinals (1954-1955) Kansas City Athletics (1956)

Chris Ray '03, relief pitcher / closer, Baltimore Orioles

Kevin Rogers '74, Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks coach

Jim Ryan '79, former lineman (1979-1988) and current defensive assistant coach, Denver Broncos

Darren Sharper '97, former safety, Green Bay Packers; current strong safety, Minnesota Vikings

Rip Scherer '74, current Assistant Head Coach and Quarterbacks Coach

Dominique Thompson '04, wide receiver, St. Louis Rams

Mike Tomlin '95, current head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers (2007-present), former defensive coordinator with the Minnesota Vikings (2006), former defensive backs coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2001-2005)

Jude Waddy '98, former linebacker Green Bay Packers, (1998-2002)

Brant Weidner '83, Former professional basketball player, San Antonio Spurs

Alan Williams '92, Defensive Backs coach with the Indianapolis Colts (2002-present)

The above is from the Alumni Association.

Material in the Special Collections Research Center


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