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The '''Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award''', given in the form of a medal, is awarded based on characteristics of “heart, mind and helpfulness to others.” The award is presented at [[Commencement]] to a man and woman from the student body and a person who has a close working relationship with the [[College of William and Mary]].
The '''Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award''', given in the form of a medal, is awarded based on characteristics of “heart, mind and helpfulness to others.” The award is presented at [[Commencement]] to a man and woman from the student body and a person who has a close working relationship with the [[College of William and Mary]].
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[[Category:College of William and Mary Awards and Honors]]
[[Category:College of William and Mary Awards and Honors]]
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The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, given in the form of a medal, is awarded based on characteristics of “heart, mind and helpfulness to others.” The award is presented at Commencement to a man and woman from the student body and a person who has a close working relationship with the College of William and Mary.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award Recipients


1926 Virginia Allen Smith, Lomax Wells

1927 James Hardy Dillard, Herbert Lawrence Ganter, Minnie Robb Phaup

1928 A. Herbert Foreman, Lathrop Arnold Motley, Pauline Hines

1930 Jackson Davies, Willard Marvin Entwisle, Alice Harwood

1931 George Walter Mapp, Elliott D. Healy, Virginia Arthur

1932 Sydney B. Hall, Davis Y. Paschall, Anne Croxton

1933 John Stewart Bryan, Ira H. Erickson, Catherine Cubberly

1934 Oscar McMurtrie Voorhies, Howard M. Scammon, Jr., Ann Randolph Pharr

1935 Cary T. Grayson, Ernest Goodrich, Jane Gilmer

1936 Douglas S. Freeman, Rogers Mapp, E. Lois Burr

1937 Janius Blair Fishburne, Daniel Robert Dixon, Margaret C. Johnson

1938 Gabriella Page, Wilfred Tuggle, Jane Speakman

1939 James Hurst, Herbert Krueger, Mildred Mode

1940 William Thomas Hodges, John Edward Dillard, Ethel Elizabeth Moore

1941 David Bennett Camp, Ellen Frances Lindsay, Charles Post McCurdy, Jr.

1942 Edgard J. Fisher, Jr., Mildred Anne Hill, The Right Reverend John Boyd Bentley

1943 Sidney Grayson Clary, Jacqueline Fowlkes, Rear Admiral Manley Hale Simons, U.S.N. (Ret.)

1944 Marjorie E. Lentz, David B. McNamara, Chaplain Clinton A. Neyman, U.S.N.

1945 Nancy Lee Carnegie, Thomas Granville Pullen, Jr.,

1946 Dr. Robert Gilchrist Robb, Robert Harry Bryant, Margaret Edith Potter

1947 Rear Admiral W.L. Ainsworth, U.S.N., George Robert Jacobs, Jane Ann Segnitz

1948 Dr. Grace Warren Landrum, Mary Aubrey Keeney, Mark Edward Waldo

1949 Richard Lysle Bethards, Paul Neyron Derring, Mary Beverly Harrison Wilson


1950 Carra Nicholls Dillard, Harvey Lawrence Glass, Vernon L. Nunn

1951 Robert Blew Lawson, Ina Gordon Saville, Archibald R. Ward, Jr.

1952 Jeanne Vester, Ronald Emon Barnes, John Evans Hocutt

1953 Nancy Joan Child, Carmen Joseph Romeo

1954 Madge Charlton Cushing, Winfred O’Neal Ward, Marguerite Wynne-Roberts

1955 Marilyn Ruth Zaiser, Thomas Michael Jordan, Dr. Baxter I. Bell

1956 Victoria Clayton Stone, William Francis Marfizo,

1957 Zona Mae Fairbanks, Alexander Victor Fakadej

1958 Betsy Painter Stafford, William Ferguson Mitchell

1959 Jane Aubrey Boorman, James Wellons Brinkley

1960 Ann Coffield Perkins, Lauren Forest Kardatzke

1961 Charles Aubrey White, Jr., Carolyn Sue Foutz

1962 Mary Elena Ruddy, Stanley Lynn Shaw, Dudley Warner Woodbridge

1963 Frank Karl Zavitkovsky, Patricia Arlene Pound, Edward Katz

1964 William V. Cleveland Jr., Susan Hall Roache, William George Guy

1965 Robert Michael Gates, Jean Carol Stern, Althea Hunt

1966 William Roger Heins, Dorothy Bruce Edel

1967 Mary Mackall Stedman, James Robert Bell

1968 Patricia Ann Milliren, David Whitt Rutledge

1969 Anne Bradstreet, James Edwin Barton

1970 John D. Shearin III, Carol Good Roberts, Martha Elizabeth Barksdale

1971 Robert Charles Jolly, Charlotte Webb Sandquist, Agnes Winn Paschall

1972 Henry Thompson Tucker, Jr., Jacqueline Gail Sivertsen, Carter O. Lowance

1973 Nancy Lee Rowland, David Kern Anderson, Charles F. Marsh

1974 Laurelle Ann Baxter, Douglas Frederick Pinter, Blake T. Newton, Jr.

1975 Michelle Yvonne Whitehurst, James van Idtendal Black, Thomas F. Mainor

1976 Corby Lynne Cochran, Gary Wayne Charles, Thomas E. Thorne

1977 Karen Adele Yanity, Jeffrey Wayne Leppo, Marguerite Wynne-Roberts

1978 Joellen Selora Jacoby, Mark W. Stanley, Lois Hornsby

1979 Cathy Michele Allen, Alvin Gerald Austin, Jr., Mary and Donald Gonzales

1980 Marla Ann Gusmer, Merlin C. Vaughan, Edward E. Jones

1981 Keith Best, Jennifer Lea Tatnall, Irene B. Slagle

1982 Sarah Gayle Armbrister, Michael Geren Landen, Barbara Stevens Ball

1983 Stephen Damian Bisese, Cynthia Lynne Nash, Frances Breese

1984 Jon Douglas Klein, Susan Elizabeth Wise, Richard W. Rastetter

1985 Carol Ann Epling, Samuel Kirk Payne, Katherine A. Yates

1986 Monica Maria Tetzlaff, Roy Burton Sauberman, Carol Egelhoff

1987 Stephanie Angela Jayne, Michael David Torrey, Father Ronald Seguin

1988 Dianne Theresa Carter, Andrew Wylie Jacob, Harriett E. Reid

1989 Dwona Lynette vanTree, Douglas Latta Smith, Dr. Jay L. Chambers

1990 Jamie Krisine Doyle, Cary Nelson Davis Fishburne, Howard M. Smith, Jr.

1991 Daniel William Donovan, Judith Ann Rossman, James N. McCord

1992 Earl Thomas Granger III, Ernestine A. Jackson, Katherine Page O’Neill

1993 Emeritus Joseph S. Agee, Stephen Baldwin Watts, Anne Michelle Turner

1994 Cheryl Lynn Grant, Daniel Paul Rodgers, John Maurice Levy (Professor of Law)

1995 Dara Lehigh, Mikhail Davis, Charles Kelly (campus minister from St.Bede’s Catholic Church)

1996 Robert Eric Wone, Tara Marie Adams, Dr. Frank T. Lendrim

1997 Amy Catherine Beasley, Matthew Michael Couch, James Sands Kelly

1998 Karen Elizabeth Silverberg, Rodney Carneil Pratt, Peter A. Mantey

1999 Matthew Todd Lambert, Hillary Elizabeth Browne, S. Dean Olson


2000 Janet Elizabeth Haws, Paul Brandon Clay-Rooks, Emeric Fischer

2001 James Whitten Ellerman, Sarah Cargile Glass, Roy Alfred Williams

2002 Lauren Hilary Park, Robert James Lockridge, Carl Richard (Rick) Berquist (State Geologist, Director of Division of Mineral Resources, Charlottesville)

2003 Fiona Caroline Horgan, Brent Douglas Turner, Randall S. and Shelby M. Hawthorne (Both are graduates of the College; Randall has been president of Spiked Shoe Society for 27 years; he issued the first edition of Track Talk in July 1976; he raised over 3 million dollars in the last 15 years for track program endowment; they established two named scholarships themselves)

2004 Sada Andrews, Matt Roosevelt, Al Albert (class of 1969, William and Mary men’s soccer coach for 33 years)

2005 Alicia Grace Browder, George Srour, Rev. Dr. William Sidney Parks (served the College as the Baptist campus minister for the previous 22 years)

2006 Heather Marie Jamais Soloria, Amol Chandra Patel, Paul Marcus (Haynes Professor, School of Law)

2007 Chris Lemon, Richael Faithful, Louise Kale (Executive Director of the Historic Campus)

2008 Jeree Michele Harris, Shaun Joseph Loria, W. Samuel Sadler (Vice President for Student Affairs, retiring in 2008 after 41 years of service to the College of William and Mary)

2009 Kevin Kwabena Kessie Dua, Syeda Adeela Tajdar, Sandra J. Wilms (Executive Assistant to the Board of Visitors)

2010 Jessica Jung Ae Kim, Lamar Brandon Shambley, David Meredith Hindman (United Methodist campus minister)

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