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Absolom Willis Robertson (known as A. Willis Robertson) had the distinction of serving as Virginia's senator from 1946-1966. He was a conservative Democrat and is remembered for his legislation concerning the conservation of natural resources and his chairmanship of the Banking and Currency Committee. He graduated from the University of Richmond where he also received his law degree. Prior to his Senate career, he served as head of Virginia's Commission of Game and Inland Fisheries, and in the U.S. House of Representatives. His kind demeanour, stance regarding stewardship of resources and his active participation in Senatorial prayer breakfasts, all reflecting a strong religious bent, earned the respect of colleagues.
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His papers, located in the [[Earl Gregg Swem Library]], date chiefly from his career in the Senate and are a rich source for a study of the issues of the day including civil rights, Vietnam, prayer in public schools, judicial appointments, foreign policy, trade, taxation, and fiscal policy. Copies of replies to constituents are filed with incoming correspondence. The paeprs are in the order kept in his Senatorial office and include legislative, departmental, political, speeches and miscellaneous subjects. The collection has very few personal or family papers. There is a restriction on the collection relating to the publication of material by or about still living persons.

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