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The University Archives in the Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library attempts to obtain at least one copy of College of William and Mary publications (printed and duplicated materials) issued by campus offices, organizations, or individuals. While this is not, of course, completely possible, the archives contains an extensive collection of twentieth-century materials, and has a number of publications going back into the early 1800s. The historically important college catalogs run from 1829 to the present, with gaps, and the earliest commencement program is dated 1831.

Other important published sources of information about the College of William and Mary include: campus directories, student handbooks, student and faculty speeches, Charter Day programs, departmental newsletters, annual reports, publicity brochures, materials for prospective students, affirmative action reports, fliers announcing up-coming fraternity parties, news releases, athletic programs, cultural events calendars, play programs, and student newspapers. There are some scattered publications from the various branch and extension colleges which have been affiliated with William and Mary.

Student Publications


Library catalog subject heading to search: "College of William and Mary--Newspapers".

  • College Topics (v. 1 Oct. 8-May 18, 1909); Note: "Published weekly in the interest of the educational institutions of the city of Williamsburg." Note: Not a publication of the College of William and Mary; instead published by the Virginia Gazette company?
  • The Flat Hat (1911- ): The student newspaper, The Flat Hat, is a rich source of information, announcing events taking place on campus as well as reflecting student opinion. It began publication in October 1911 and, except during the fall of 1918, has been continuously published ever since.
  • The Straw Hat: Summer school student newspaper; Issues for July 3-Aug. 14, 1914, published in Dublin, Va. branch; 1927-1933 issues published at Williamsburg campus
  • The High Hat (1930-1961): The student newspaper of the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary.
  • Namet and Taket: Frequency: Weekly Volume designations: Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 5, 1945)-v. 1, no. 6 (Aug. 9, 1945). This was a publication for students attending summer school. It was published by the administration according to the first issue.
  • The Brave Indian: Textual holdings: no. 1-2 Mar. 23-21, 1947 Textual holdings: no. 4 Mar. 27, 1947 Textual holdings: no. 6-12 Mar. 29-Apr. 12, 1947 Textual holdings: v. 1, no. 15 Apr. 15, 1947; Newspaper
  • Cumtux: 1948; Newspaper for the Class of 1951.
  • Alembic : Textual holdings: v. 1, no. 1-7 Oct. 31-Dec. 11, 1968-Mar. 24, 1969; Note: Underground newspaper. "Our purpose is to provide our readers with an interesting blend of selected commentary on campus, local, and national affairs and poetry, short fiction, reviews, and art work."(Vol. 1 No. 4, 11 December 1968)
  • The William and Mary Excalibur: Volume designations: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb. 6, 1970)-v. 1, no. 2 (Mar. 1970). Newspaper (For information from the administrative records, see Office of the President, Thomas A. Graves, Acc. 1981.090, Box 9, Folder 13).
  • College Observer (1970-1971): The College Observer was a supplement published by the Virginia Gazette specifically covering College news. Many of the writers and production people were students. The paper appeared weekly durig the school year form September 1970 through December 1971.
  • The Williamsburg Daily Planet: 1975 (2 issues); Newspaper
  • A little pile: 1976 (?); "'A little pile ... ' thanks the S.A. [Student Association] for their help in financing this publication."
  • William and Mary Perspective: 1987-1989
  • The Remnant: Frequency: Weekly, during the academic year; Vol. 1, issue 1 (Feb. 1989)- Volume designations: Ceased publication in 2005? Note: "A journal of student opinion at the college of William and Mary." Archives Periodicals/Serials call number: LH1 .W54 R45
  • Amicus Curiae, The Advocate, NotWythe Standing: Law School newspapers


Student publications listed in other categories here will in some cases also have an obvious political point of view.

  • Iskra: Textual holdings: [v. 1] 1967-Mar. 17, 1968; Parallel title: Spark; political bent.
  • Hatter. Other title: Hatter: At head of title: Strike! May 1970 At head of title: Strike! May 1970: 2 issues from Spring semester 1970
  • The William and Mary Observer: 1986-1987 (Run is incomplete, have only 3 issues from volumes 1 & 2). Formed as a conservative alternative to The Flat Hat. Note: "A journal of student opinion and investigative reporting."
  • W&M Standard: Textual holdings: v. 1, issue 1-2 Feb.-Mar. 2001; v/ 2, issue 3-5Nov./Dec. 2004-Mar. 2005; v. 3, issue 1-2 Sept. 2005-Mar. 2006; "The W & M standard is an independent publication of The Standard, the College of William and Mary's only campus organization dedicated to "compiling and disseminating conservative ideas to the student body.'"
  • William and Mary Progressive: Began publication in 2004; ceased in 2006?; Also known as W&M Progressive and The Progressive. A campus sociopolitical magazine representing the interests and viewpoints of the College of William and Mary's liberal, leftist, and/or progressive students. Some issues available online.
  • The Virginia Informer (Aug. 2005- ): Frequency: Originally monthly during the school year and currently biweekly

Literary, Art, etc.

  • William and Mary college monthly: 1890-1903. Continued by The William and Mary literary magazine. call number: LH1 .W54 C64 (Archives serials).
  • The William and Mary literary magazine: 1903-1930. Continues: William and Mary college monthly. Continued by: Literary magazine. Call number: LH1 .W54 C64 Archives Periodicals (Special Collections Research Center) and Swem Microfilm.
  • William and Mary Review (1962-ongoing?): formed by union of the Royalist (1937-1962) and Seminar (1956-1962).
  • Alembic : Textual holdings: v. 1, no. 1-7 Oct. 31-Dec. 11, 1968-Mar. 24, 1969; Note: Underground newspaper. "Our purpose is to provide our readers with an interesting blend of selected commentary on campus, local, and national affairs and poetry, short fiction, reviews, and art work."(Vol. 1 No. 4, 11 December 1968)
  • The Gargoyle: a journal of literature and the fine arts: 1 issue from 1973
  • A Gallery of Writing/The Gallery: 1979-ongoing; Poetry/literature
  • Winged Nation: a women's art and literature magazine: 1993-ongoing; electronic access to select issues is available from the W&M Digital Archive. "Conceived by and about women."
  • Manqué: the presence of absence: 2004; Note: Previously published in an online ed. only; online edition no longer available.
  • The Logos: a literary magazine featuring the writing and poetry of William and Mary students; Began publication in 2007(?)
  • Spirit of Living Watching: Spring 2012-

Humor, Satire, etc.

Subject headings to search in the library catalog: "College wit and humor--Newspapers" or "College wit and humor--publications".

  • The Owl: January 1854
  • The Arrow: v. 1, no. 1 spring 1925
  • The Indian Made: Textual holdings: v. 1, no. 1-2 [1965]-Mar. 1966 Textual holdings: v. 2, no. 1
  • The Blue Bus: Textual holdings: v. 1, no. 1-3 Nov. 1968-Apr. 1, 1969. Underground newspaper. See reference to The Blue Bus in Alembic Vol. 1 no. 4.
  • The Fifth Horseman 1972 (Have 1 issue, Vol. I, No. 2): Note: "No news is good news."
  • The Taverner: Monthly during the school year; Began publication in December 1987 and ended in 1988.
  • Mr. Finger Brute Force: 1991; Contents: The William & Mary purity test -- How to take over a small publication -- Top ten hilarious physical jokes by Jack Tripper on "Three's comapny" / Brian Phelan -- Professional pick-up lines for the serious brown-noser -- Absolut, Absalom!
  • Ha!: Textual holdings: v. 1, no. 1-6 Feb.-Apr. 1994
  • Unstrung Fiction: 1997-1998, Comic strip
  • Sleuth: October and November 2000; Note: "Not ashamed to tell it how it is."

Special Interest, Zines, etc.

  • Colonial Echo (1899- ): The Colonial Echo, the student yearbook, began publication in 1899. There were no volumes produced in 1900 or 1904. In addition to photographs of individual students, it includes information and photographs of student groups and activities, scenes of campus and the surrounding area, and occasionally administrators and faculty. Volumes

  • Uhuru: v. 1, no. 1 Sept. 24, 1969 (believed to have published only 1 issue).
  • Rip-off: 1974 (1 issue?); "All the news that fits, we print." Newsletter-like publication related to dormitories; produced by an unspecified office/group.
  • Lips: expressions of female sexuality: 2007-present
  • Her Campus: 2011- ; "A Collegiette's Guide to Life. Her Campus is an online magazine for college women that individualizes its content college-by-college by establishing My Campus branches at schools across the country. With national content on Style, Health, Love, Life, and Career, supplemented by campus-specific content produced by teams of students at 130+ colleges across the country, Her Campus serves as a hub for everything college women need to know about today."[1]

Discipline Specific

  • The Monitor (Spring 1998-present): "The Monitor is the journal of international studies at the College of William and Mary. We publish undergraduate papers from a broad range of academic disciplines including, but not limited to: religion, history, sociology, anthropology, government, linguistics, international studies, international relations, and modern languages. Any work of scholarship that contributes to an understanding of the world or its peoples can be contributed to the Monitor."[2] Paper issues are available in the Special Collections Research Center. Recent issues are available through The Monitor's website.
  • William and Mary Policy Review
  • James Blair Historical Review: Spring 2010- ; published annually in the spring.
  • William and Mary Law Review
  • William and Mary environmental law and policy review
  • +Other law reviews

University Publications

  • Colleague
  • William and Mary News
  • Ideation Magazine
  • Alumni Gazette
  • William & Mary (Alumni) Magazine
  • VIMS publications
  • William and Mary Quarterly
  • Eighteenth-Century Life

Additional Resources

Information gathered by students in LCST 201 "Constructing the News" about some student publications is available at the course Wiki. The publications used by students in the Spring 2007 class includes The Flat Hat, The DoG Street Journal, The Virginia Informer, The Progressive, The Pillory, The Gallery (formerly The Gallery of Writing), Winged Nation, and Jump!

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A Note About The Contents Of This Wiki
The information available in this wiki is the best available from known documents and sources at the time it was written. Unfortunately, many of the early original records of William & Mary were destroyed by fires, military occupation, and the normal effects of time. Information in this wiki is not complete as new information continues to be uncovered in Swem Library's Special Collections Research Center and elsewhere. Researchers are strongly encouraged to use the Special Collections search tools for their research as the information contained in this wiki is by no means comprehensive.