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The Jefferson Laboratory is located in Newport News, Virginia and is home to the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF), an underground high-tech machine nearly a mile around.

Material in the Special Collections Research Center

  • Mentions in the Flat Hat, William & Mary News, and Alumni Gazette:
    • W&M plays role in VARC development, Flat Hat, 10/11/1963, 1A (picture).
    • VARC is established, Alumni Gazette, Oct. 1963, 18.
    • Synchrocyclotron discussed, Alumni Gazette, May 1965, 14.
    • 1960-1965, Alumni Gazette, Oct. 1965, 21.
    • Governor Godwin assigns College sole control over research center, Flat Hat, 9/22/1967, 1.
    • VARC becomes College graduate center, Colleague, 9/28/1967, 4.
    • VARC comes under sole administration of W&M, Alumni Gazette, Oct. 1967, 10.
    • Space Radiation Effects Laboratory with cyclotron, Alumni Gazette, Oct. 1968, 4-6.
    • New meson channel put into use, Colleague, 2/20/1969, 5.
    • Warren Heeman appointed director, Colleague, 10/9/1969, 1, 2; Alumni Gazette, Dec, 1969, 8.
    • Arden Sher named director of grad program in Applied Science, Colleague, 4/30/1970, 7.
    • Warren Heeman clarifies aims of program, Colleague, 5/7/1970, 5.
    • Warren Heeman clarifies aims of program, Colleague, 5/7/1970, 5.
    • Enrollment increases in 1970, College Observer, 10/20/1970, 5.
    • Offers course in artificial intelligence, College Observer, 2/9/1971, 3; Colleague, 2/26/1971, 4.
    • Psych Dept, studies the effects of noise on man, Alumni Gazette, May 1971, 16, 17.
    • VARC awarded $35,000 grant, William and Mary News, 3/20/1973, 1.
    • Cancer treatment, William and Mary News, 6/5/1973, 1.
    • Course on Virginia Indians, William and Mary News, 4/2/1974, 10.
    • Seminar on Environmental Law, William and Mary News, 4/2/1974, 10.
    • Papers published in cancer, William and Mary News, 9/24/1974, 2.
    • VARC awarded NASA grant, William and Mary News, 9/10/1974, 2.
    • Library hours extended, William and Mary News, 11/5/1974, 3.
    • HEW threatens to reclaim VARC land, Flat Hat, 9/1/1978, 1, 3.
    • Archeological exhibit, William and Mary News, 5/15/1979, 8.
    • Director named, William and Mary News, 5/29/1979, 2.
    • To study women as pilots, William and Mary News, 2/26/1980, 2.
    • Employees win awards, William and Mary News, 4/29/1984, 4 (picture).
    • Michael of NASA spending year at VARC, William and Mary News, 12/9/1980, 4.
    • College seeks Dept. of Energy contract for solar project at Southeast Residential Experiment Station, William and Mary News, 3/3/1981, 3.
    • VARC gets vote for $100 million lab, William and Mary News, 10/29/1981, 1, 2.
    • Senator John Warner gives support for NEAL at VARX, William and Mary News, 6/22/1982, 1, 2 (picture).
    • Richard Bagley favors NEAL project, William and Mary News, 8/24/1982, 1, 3 (picture).
    • NEAL moves step closer to VARC site, William and Mary News, 4/26/1983, 1, 4, 5.
    • Accelerator takes step closer to realization, William and Mary News, 8/2/1983, 1.
    • Scientists form work groups, William and Mary News, 12/6/1983, 5.
    • VARC facility officially becomes CEBAF in ceremony, William and Mary News, 11/28/1984, 2 (picture).
    • CEBAF opens new search, William and Mary News, 1/23/1985, 4.
    • Cuts delay accelerator construction, Flat Hat, 2/8/1985, 5.
    • Beam accelerator to enhance physics program, Flat Hat, 4/12/1985, 6.
    • Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) receives funds from Congress, Flat Hat, 11/1/1985, 1, 4.
    • Jean Mougey is appointed leader of magnetic spectrometer group, William and Mary News, 4/30/1986, 2 (picture).
    • Peter Dunn and Gerard van der Steenhoven to speak at coming seminars, William and Mary News, 7/23/1986, 3.
    • Begins short courses, William and Mary News, 8/27/1986, 5.
    • Has latest facilities to assist physicists, Flat Hat, 8/29/1986, 4.
    • Sponsors talks, William and Mary News, 9/10/1986, 5.
    • Lecture scheduled, William and Mary News, 10/1/1986, 5.
    • Construction site cleared, Flat Hat, 2/20/1987, 2.
    • Receives grant from Center for Innovative Technology, Alumni Gazette, March 1987, 16.
    • Scientists working ahead of construction, William and Mary News, 4/22/1987, 1.
    • To hold summer workshop, William and Mary News, 6/17/1987, 2.
    • First SURA president reflects on CEBAF success and future William and Mary News, 5/11/1988, 5.
    • Involves William and Mary in futuristic studies, Alumni Gazette, winter 1990, 5 (picture).
    • Holds open house, William and Mary News, 3/18/1992, 5.
    • Television reporter to speak at CEBAF as part of Black History month, William and Mary News, 2/9/1994, 2.
    • Revolutionary Detector may allow study of genes in life specimens, William and Mary News, 10/30/1996, 4 (picture).
    • FEL-low partners, Alumni Gazette, fall 1996, 8 (picture).
    • Lab of opportunity, William and Mary News, 12/11/1996, 4-5 (pictures).
    • College welcomes German semiconductor firm, William and Mary News, 4/23/1997, 1 (picture).

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