Birth Control and Abortion

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Material in the Special Collections Research Center

The Flat Hat, William & Mary News, and Alumni Gazette:

  • Local chapter of Zero Population Growth formed FH, 10/2/1970, pg. 6.
  • Lecture on planned parenthood FH, 10/20/1970, pg. 3.
  • Va. League for planned parenthood holds conference FH, 10/23/1970, pg. 3; C, 10/22/1970, pg. 4.
  • Forum on birth control and abortion held FH, 12/4/1970, pg. 3; CO, 12/8/1970, pg. 1-2.
  • William Baird of N.Y. Parent’s Aid Society argues for liberalized abortion laws FH, 12/11/1970, pg. 6.
  • Establishment of referral center declared illegal FH, 1/2/1971, pg. 1.
  • Birth Control information center established by Women’s Equality Committee FH, 2/12/1971, pg. 1.
  • Center in operation in SA environment center FH, 4/6/1971, pg. 4.
  • ZPG sponsors discussion of Dr. Edward F. Davis III MD, of the Dept. of Obstetircs and Gynecology, MCV C, 5/6/1971, pg. 1.
  • Panel debates ethics of abortion FH, 11/12/1971, pg. 2; FH, 11/19/1971, pg. 1; C, 11/19/1971, pg. 1.
  • U.S. District Judge R. Merhige backs students rights to publish abortion advertisements FH, 12/3/1971, pg. 1.
  • State offers free sterilization to the poor FH, 4/1/1977, pg. 7.
  • Concern over number of reported pregnancies FH, 12/5/1986, pg. 1, 3 (picture); FH, 1/30/1987, pg. 2.
  • Students participate in “March for Life” in D.C. FH, 1/23/1987, pg. 3.
  • Quandries at the College FH, 2/27/1987, pg. 7.
  • Condom machines fixed FH, 9/16/1988, pg. 1.
  • Condoms come again-editorial FH, 9/16/1988, pg. 4.
  • Safe in Dupont—condoms installed FH, 11/11/1988, pg. 1, 2.
  • Activist criticizes abortion FH, 9/8/1989, pg. 2.
  • ATA sponsors film FH, 9/15/1989, pg. 5.
  • Learning life lessons FH, 12/4/1992, pg. 7, 11.
  • Birth control accessible and varied FH, 2/24/1995, pg. 7.
  • Spotlight on birth control FH, 2/24/1995, pg. 10 (picture).

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